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Thread: Diaper coupons/samples/sales?

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    I am continually trying out new diapers, and these days it seems there are more out there than anyone could possibly use in a normal amount of time. Being that I am planning on switching from the brand I've been using for the past 3+ years and afraid of getting burned by inferior products I was wondering if anyone knows where to get free samples, where to get any coupons and who has sales (when??) on quality overnight disposables? I am disabled and on a very limited budget, so I can't afford to buy just for sake of buying, I need to wear at night due to bed wetting caused by numerous health issues. I've been using the Wellness briefs, which worked well for a long time, but the last order I placed found them no longer having the original diapers that worked very well for me, and the new ones don't fit right, and have far too little padding in the front... which is a major negative for someone who sleeps on his sides or stomach. They absorb a lot if you wind up wetting while on your back, but that almost never happens in my case.
    Another unrelated question I have is has anyone tried any of the medline diapers available? I have some samples ordered and I'm awaiting arrival of them. From what I read, they seem like they may work for me. I also notice Molicare has a wishbone line (Molicare Comfort) and would like feedback on those as well. I love the Molicare Super Plus and old Abena with the plastic shell, but they are out of my price range... and the new Abena with the cloth like outer cover were totally worthless for me. For starters, they were unable to stay snug as the tapes were useless, and even when the tapes didn't rip off of the diaper the diaper would literally fall down even when it was barely wet. I'd hate to see how bad they would be if they were soaked!
    Thanks for your replies!

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    There is a sticky post at the top that has links to free samples. Some of them work. Also if you google free samples adult diapers then you can find some that way too. Otherwise check your local thrift stores for good deals on diapers, and craigslist. I got 6 cases of attends on craigslist for around $60!

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    ^^^ Can't second thrift stores hard enough. The other day I visited my local "Family Thrift Center" and saw 10+ unopened bags of Attends Waistband Style for $3.50 a piece. That was insane. If I was a size extra-large, I would have cleaned them out and been set up for months! I don't think you'll find any premium diapers like Wellness or Tranquility while out thrifting, but those of us on a budget will take what we can get.

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