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Thread: Find out if your friends are secretly abdl

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    Cool Find out if your friends are secretly abdl

    I figured out how to tell if a friend is AB/DL.

    If diapers have more meaning to an AB/DL and also if your friend is secretly an AB/DL, then they will probably act weird if you mention it. (Reference:

    You can also look for any small hints. For example, I have a friend that acts a lot younger than he should at times and sometimes even does "baby talking" to be funny.

    The next time you see a friend that you suspect to like diapers, mention diapers and listen carefully for a crinkling noise.

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    Frankly, I don't think this would work very well.

    First you have to find a situation where you could bring up the topic of diapers in a way that won't make you look suspicious. Secondly, the way he/she reacts isn't a good way to judge. Chances are, even if he/she is ab/dl, he/she is going to be trying to hide that fact and will avoid saying anything incriminating. And even if he/she does act weird about it, it could just be because it's a weird topic.

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    While some of us might act weird, change the subject or being unable to say that word outloud, I don't think that would be a method to find out if someone is an AB.

    As Kimba said, an ABDL won't say something incriminating, nor act weird since that could rise someone's attention.

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    I think there might be some truth to this, but I haven't been in a situation to prove it. It's a little vague though. Weird can be a lot of things and it may not be because you mentioned diapers they may just be having an off day. Also I think most of my friends would act weird if I jsut offhandedly mentioned diapers because they would be asking themselves "why is he bringing up diapers?"

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    I think the reason they will act weird is because it's a really weird topic in general, and especially weird to stay on for a significant period of time. I also mentioned in that thread that if you do say it awkwardly, people will most likely assume it was a Freudian Slip, and non-ABDLs aren't exempt from those. Addressing your next theory, acting younger is more often a sign of straight-up immaturity than being an ABDL, and we live in an age where a lot of people think making weird noises is humor.

    Ultimately, I wouldn't feel comfortable prying into someone else's personal fetishes, especially if it's someone I'm close to only on a platonic level. It's just unnecessarily invasive and creepy.

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    There's a big difference between feeling awkward and looking awkward. Further, there seems to be a correlation between feelings of awkwardness and the particular non-ABDL people we're with. In my case, I'm perfectly cool with discussing diapers with people who don't know that I wear them. Only my parents and my wife know (or knew, in the case of my parents), and so with them I feel a need to guide their interpretation a bit more carefully when the subject comes up, lest they wonder whether I'm thinking about diapers in a fetishy way.

    So as far as the detection method described here goes, I'm skeptical. If it does work in general, then it probably requires one to have the skills of an FBI interrogator in order for the subtlety of body language to be noticed.
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    I have many friends who react strangely to the topic of diapers as well as many friends who act younger or baby talk to be funny, who are far from being ABDL. There is more to being AB/DL than just behavior or reactions to things. And no, my friends arent just "hiding" because I am openly ABDL and my friends all know about me being ABDL, if they had an interest or like-minded idea, they wouldn't hesitate to say it to me.

    As for a crinkling noise, if i happen to hear a crinkling noise coming from my friends, I will make the assumption that they have run into some unfortunate incontinence problems or in fact have something in their pocket making the sound. And considering that most of my friends are women, when i hear a crinkling sound ~ its because they are wearing a pad.

    Not trying to bring your spirits down, just offering a bit of reality. It should even be considered that there are often other ABDL's (who I know as ABDL) who still react weird to the word "diaper". I hate to be "that girl", but you really can't indicate another ABDL unless you happen to find AB items or diapers that are not worn by the usual incontinent adult. The fact that ABDLs come from all (and i mean ALL) walks of life, makes social or behavioral indicators simply too vague, especially since these days people have a more childish mentality, and women are naturally more "cute" acting than men, so we'd be walking into trouble if we assumed that every girl with a pacifier is an AB/DL or every guy who has a plushie is also an AB/DL.

    I had a friend who had a plushie he slept with every night, and he was covered in tattoos, sang in a math-core-death-metal type band, skateboarded and had anger issues. He also experimmented with hardcore drugs... and he had a plushy and had nooooooo connection to ABDLism whatesoever, in fact he didnt even have any kinks aside from a common foot fetish.

    People can often surprise you, and in my experience with people, its usually the LEAST likely candidates that turn out to be AB/DLs, because they hide it just as well as you would.

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    Yep..... I agree with you CrinklyEmilyLG. You have very good in site/perspective on things and life!

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    When you shake hands, place your thumb between the second and third knuckles... Oh wait, that's not ABDLs...

    I reckon the results would be very random and not worth embarrassing your friends with, for the probably meagre returns. And if you tried it on me in company and I got the hint, I'd probably come out on the spot and out you as well. 'Diapers? Sure, love them. Look, I'm in a Tena Slip, show us yours...'

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    Whether or not somebody else wears nappy's is none of your business, nor is it your right to try to expose them in regards to their personal habits.If somebody you know wears nappy's then they will either tell you or others in their own time or not at all.They may be incontinent and embarrassed and have every right to wear nappy's privately if they need to.You can suspect all you want, but I don't think its your right to act upon it.I wear nappy's and tell you guys, but that's because I know we all like the same thing, but I don't think it would be right for somebody else to go snooping around me to determine what I'm wearing under my trousers.Whether they're wearing for incontinence or adult baby purposes, they have the right to keep it private should they so wish,unless they decide otherwise.
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