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Thread: Diapers under a short skirt?

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    Default Diapers under a short skirt?

    I was just wondering how this could work. Since as you know, the only time I really get to wear diapers is for my period. Well, in August/September, I'll be going to an anime convention. I'm worried about my period starting since it has before. I have a heavy flow too and wearing the diapers has helped me have to change pads or tampons so much.

    What I'm asking is... if I were to wear the diapers instead of pads and tampons, is there any way to hide them when I sit down? This is what I plan on wearing for one day at the convention, IF the VA who voices this character doesn't go this year. If she does, I don't know what I'll do when my period starts. :/ I will be wearing nylons too, but I don't know if those will really help any. I am going to wear some shorts underneath too... but I still worry about the bulge from the diapers I wear.

    Any advice? :/

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    Wear a quality thin diaper like tranquility atn. I think this is the thinnest diaper you can wear that really protects you. The tapes will sometimes pop off if you are really active but since you are wearing nylons they should work great. Put some underwear over the top of the diaper and I think you are good. I wear these to work with my pants and tucked in shirt and my bottom shows no evidence of a diaper. Hope this helps

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    You should also be able to hide some depends briefs very easily but they are nowhere near as good.

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    Actually, depends briefs work well for me. They can usually last half a day at least on the days when my period is heavy. The problem is, I can only get store brand diapers. My parents would NEVER allow me to get anything that wasn't store bought, even if it's supposed to help with my period. I have to use the whole period thing as an excuse just to wear what I can get. I do think if the depends are discreet enough, especially the women's ones, that maybe those might work okay.

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    I have seen those depends on the shelf. I feel like those will be even easier to hide than anything I wear.

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    I'd say that depends with a pair of tight shorts over it should be pretty easy to hide, even under a fairly short skirt. Most people probably won't look that closely up your skirt, so even if they get a brief glimpse they probably won't notice anything odd.

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    Wear a thinner diaper and perhaps leggings, in lieu of stockings. they really do seem to keep a diaper nicely invisible with a short skirt.

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    Where some biking shorts under your dress or any kind of shorts.

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    Just a question, Are you worried about your parents seeing you in this diaper, or others at the conference ? I could be wrong but my guess is you not much of an exhibitionist so flaunting the diapers is probably out of the question. Either way I hope you have a fantastic time, and thoroughly enjoy your time as a diapered little girl.

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    My parents already know I wear them for my period. So, them knowing isn't the problem. It'll just be me and my mom this year too. The hard part is packing them so that I know where they are. I might bring the pads just in case I change my mind though. I don't know if I have the guts to try and stick it out. My other cosplay will be more discreet because it has pants instead of the skirt. Odds are, I won't even HAVE my period because of the amount of stress for the convention. But, I still want to be prepared for it. My period can be pretty unpredictable. I might have to try to convince my parents to wear them at night because I wake up in well... yeah. But that might be stretching it. Plus, it's not a part of my routine either, so it'd be hard to squeeze into my structured bedtime routine.

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    I don't think there is much you can do to hide a diaper under a skirt. The entire point of a skirt is to show off your legs and be noticed. A skirt works it's magic by flirtatiously covering the parts that most boys want to see, and teases most of them into looking. Especially if you're attractive, but just as much so if you're ugly, you're going to turn heads and have people watching your tail as you walk across a room. Its a skirt. its magic. it just does that.
    If you get selfconscious and shy about that, it ups the cute factor, and they will watch you even harder. They are going to be watching the way the material lays across your hips and back side, following the curves of it from your waist all the way down to your thighs, and imagining you naked. its just a given. The girls do it too, checking out the competition. Only the girls are worse, because they do so with a hypercritical eye, looking for any flaw.
    And if you bend over to pick up something you dropped, every eye in the room is going to glance your way to see if they get a panty shot.

    You might try an extra ruffled pair of panties over the diaper, to break up the visual lines of what's in them. Or go over the top, put on a cloth diaper over the disposable, and write some sarcastic message om the seat, like:
    "Caught you looking!"
    "Hey! Buy me dinner first! :P"
    or if you look young,
    "I'm under age, you perv!"
    or if you want to get political,
    "Its time for a change in the UN!"


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