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Thread: Recently told my gf... should i ask her to wear them?

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    Default Recently told my gf... should i ask her to wear them?

    So i decided to tell my girlfriend of 2 years about them when we went on holiday. She reacted in a great way and has accepted that its a big part of my life. So since she was so understanding.. do you think i should ask her to perhaps wear one?how have you partners reacted when you told them? what do you think guys?

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    I wouldn't, especiaally not so soon after just telling her.

    Look at it from her perspective. Wearing diapers is, after all, kind of bizzare to most people. She most likey needs some time to absorb everything.

    If you're hell bent on getting her to try it out, at least give it some time, otherwise you'll come off as being selfish and uncaring about her own personal thoughts on the matter.

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    Indeed, give her some time to assimilate this, understanding doesn't mean she would want to indulge in this lifestyle right away.

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    But gently, slowly, demystify it in the meantime. Make it ordinary and matter-of fact that people wear for pleasure, rather than something that deserves a special announcement. That way, if and when you decide to see whether she might enjoy it too, it's not a big deal. It's automatic to assume that an SO new to the idea will dislike it, especially a girl, but that isn't always the case.

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    Yes, if she appears to be understanding, you can ask if she would like to play with you. You may also ask if she has any sexual fantasies be it something kinky like this or being make love to on the beach or something like that which you should do your best to reciprocate with.

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    She told me the other day that she was keen on BDSM... i was thinking that i could kind of link it in with that?

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    Don't press her too much or she may feel overwhelmed by everything. It's perfectly fine to ask her how she feels about wearing one, since communication is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. However, casually asking and pressuring are two different things. If you are gauging her feelings and respect her answer whatever that may be, then that's perfectly fine. But saying something like, "It would mean a lot to me if you tried one out..." is pressuring her and that's not okay.

    You should just be happy that she's even accepting you for who you are. Don't push your luck unless she legitimately wants to try it out.

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    No, don't tell her to wear them. Be happy that she is accepting of you, but don't try to force her into liking the same things as you. Wait and see if she is interested and wants to try it, otherwise don't ask, or at least give her time to get more comfortable with it before that she try it sometime.

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    I would think that in starting out, wearing around her would be a beginning. See how she accepts that. It's one thing to say you like wearing diapers, and quite another to have her actually see you wearing one. Communication is always key, so spend some more time talking about this. From what you have told us, it sounds like she will accept you wearing diapers. If she's into BDSM, she may enjoy being a mommy to you. Sounds like fun to me.

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    It really depends. When you told her, did she give you any indication that she would be open to exploring that part of you? or was it just a "That's cool, i understand" sorta deal? If she gave you indication she'd be opening to trying in the future, a little pushing of the subject wouldn't hurt. However, if she didn't I'd just give it time.

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