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    I'm curious to see other's opinions on dummies (pacifiers). Do you use them? When do you use them? What's your favorite dummy?

    (Mine is my profile picture )

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    Ive only had the one dummy, a nuk5 I use it mostly on my baby nights and sometimes to get to sleep, I find it sooths me and helps me sleep better.

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    Well I'm about to plug in my Tommy Tippee and snuggle down with teddy for the night.

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    I love dummy's (I call them binkies). The best invention known to mankind (in my opinion haha). I have so many that I collect, maybe higher than 10 or 15, I forget. Only about 6 I actually use depending on what I feel like using. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1393424334.751299.jpg 
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ID:	20221 i try to use them as much as I can but I have to be alone in my house or in a public bathroom to actually use them in comfort. I already decided that since this is my only AB tendency, my future wife will have to tolerate me using it as it helps greatly with my anxiety.

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    I use one every night, with occasional daytime use. Currently using Gerber First Essentials but also like Mam.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I call them binkies to,all mine are ones you would find in baby sections of stores.
    My favorites are nuks the green and brown camo one and I have to have my camo binkie clip on it, but I love all my binkies I love to find new ones to buy. I try to use mine a few times a week I'd like to get into the habit of useing it every night but sometimes I will forget or just crash when I'm sleepy.

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    I don't have one but I have thought about getting one a lot. I am just never in a position where I could buy one. And I would have to hide it and me being paranoid I would be scared of someone finding it!

    I do suck my thumb on occasion but I mostly suck the knuckle of my thumb instead as its more comfy

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    I experimented with a Nuk5 years ago... it didn't do much for me. Not my accessory of choice overall, but I think they are super cute! Seeing an ABy sleep with a dummy in his mouth just melts my heart to goo.

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    I prefer sucking my thumb, but I do have several pacifiers that I use now and again depending on my mood. I do not use them for sleeping, but at other times of the day.

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