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    Default Hello to you.

    Hello, I picked my user name because I eat a lot of Ramen Noodles and play all kinds of games: Board games, card games and especially video games. I don't usually have access to a computer but luckily my Xbox 360 can connect to the internet and I can respond to the forums on that albeit a little slow to type.

    I've never really been able to talk to anyone about my AB/DL stuff; except psychiatrist and they never really understand. I am hoping to be able to relate with others and talk on a more experience level than a touchy feely level, though that isn't a bad thing. I also seem to be on a binge purge thing. One minute I want to be diapered, suck on pacifiers, drink from a baby bottle and the next minute I'm like...."What am I doing? Why do I do these things?" than I usually through all my stuff away.

    Things I like to do are hang out with my friends, well the two or three I have, play video games, any kind of games actually, except sports.

    The one thing I find mostly happening in my life is I'm stuck kind of in the middle of things. For example I find myself enjoying a wide variety of stuff but not passionate about any. Like I love playing video games but I find myself never finishing one no matter how much I like it. It's not just with video games but with my personal life, the way I feel about anything, and even my employment life.

    To conclude: I hope to be able to talk to someone about my lifestyle to people I can relate with and not some stupid mental health provider who just keeps asking "And how does that make you feel?" I also hope to be able to talk with like-minded individuals about video games and other things they, or I, may like. Glad to be here.

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