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Thread: Busted by a pacifier

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    Default Busted by a pacifier

    I've pretty much had a pacifier for two years now and I'm usually always careful. My mom is aware that I hide away in my room to regress and she has always been okay with that, but I figured that she'd just been saying that so long as she never actually saw it happen.

    I accidentally left my pacifier on my bed under the pillow because I was running late for work. My godson was over and babysat by my mom. He found the pacifier and since his parents don't buy him pacifiers he walked around my house with it until my mom saw it. She was surprisingly very okay with seeing the pacifier. What a relief! She said she preferred this being my stress relief instead of drinking or drugs.

    It got me thinking though. Has anyone else almost gotten caught with their pacifiers? Or even just had a close call with baby items?

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    mom and dad found my diapers under my bed when i lived with them (around 20ish) dad didn't care as long as i was healthy and safe, which i assured him i was. But my mom told me to "seek therapy because its not normal"

    broke my heart, but never went to therapy for it, now i live on my own and my mom rationalizes that I "still wet the bed so i wear diapers in secret". I'd rather her think that, than have me explain the actual situation lol.

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    Gosh, I've been busted so many times I can't count anymore. I used to have some pretty lame hiding places for my diapers and AB stuff so I was confronted more than once. Just like Emily I too was told that I need counseling, I have tried counseling over the years but I have come to the realization that just like anything diapers can be healthy or unhealthy depending on the amount you partake in them. "Real" world has its place just as does our "Little" world.

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    My parents new about my little side at the time, but once my sisters dog came in my room and walked out with my baby bottle in his moth. I heard, "why does Clide have a baby bottle." At which point I had to go out and get it. My sister and brother in law didn't see it, but they heard it and saw me get it from him, it was pretty embarrassing. They know about me now too, but that was from talking to them about it in later days. They are much much more accepting of my little side than my parents are.

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    Oh dear, I had some bad times. I used to wet the bed and the diapers were always hid in my cupboard so that was never really an issue. One time however I had a friend round during the day, and he looked in cupboard when I was out of my room. He was looking for video games and did not mention the diapers, he would have seen them though. Also had many incidents of people seeing the wet diapers in the rubbish bin, my mother never really gave me anywhere to put them in the morning, so I ended up using the bin in the bathroom sometimes as well. Bad times.

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    I left my pacifier on my desk and my mom found it. I haven't asked her about it or if she threw it away or where it is. I can't get the nerve to talk about abdl to her. It was a Nuk5 from pacifiersrus too so it was expensive!

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    I was at my best friends house i was 16 and his little sister came in the room we talked and she saw my bag and started going threw it i had my diapers in there she took one out and said wow these are big diapers you must be a bed wetter it was a abena l4 my face was so red!! Then when i woke up in the morning she said eww the room smells like pee did you wet your diapy

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    I had a paci when I was 16 and I always kept it in the bottom of a little wooden box with a bunch of receipts in it under my night stand , and when I pulled it out one night my paci was on top of the papers my mom must have found it and moved it when she was cleaning but she never said anything about it.

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    It just happens that I can add to this thread after this weekend.

    I keep my pacis on my bedside table, but I have so much crap on that table that I am always able to slide some stuff on top of them, and I never worry about my kids--all college age and with their own lives--finding them. But, as I discovered, you never know.

    19-year-old daughter was back from college for the weekend, and since I had slept in deeply on Sunday, she came in to wake me up. As has been our habit since she was a small child, she came in, petted the cats on my bed, and lay down with me. Earlier, I had been awake for a bit, and--groggy--taken my paci out and put it on the table, but I had not covered it. When she sat up, she saw it.

    "Why do you have a pacifier?"

    "Why not?"

    She thought for a second. "Does this have to do with your diapers?"

    My kids all know I am incontinent. At that moment I was also wearing a snap-up pair of footie pajamas from Aww So Cute, pink and white stripes with little blue elephants and ABC blocks. She had seen them before many times and had never questioned them. I looked at her, considering my options.

    "No," I said. "I grind my teeth at night."

    She shrugged her shoulders, and that was that. I have no clue if she accepted it. If she thinks about this even for ten seconds, she'll put it all together; she's not stupid. But she's a sweetie. She'll be fine. If she can deal with a trans mom, she can deal with an AB mom.

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    My mum walked into my room one morning when I was 16 and saw me sleeping with my dummy. She never brought it up, I was scared she got the wrong idea because my brother used to have a dummy while doing drugs as a part of rave culture.

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