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    Well I decided to sleep diapered the other night. Wore a Super Dry Kids diaper. I've loved them so far for play . I woke up and the diaper was torn about in half! Never had this happen before.......what a bummer:-(

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    the plastic outter shell is somewhat weak. If i wear a super dry kids (or any other ABU diaper for that matter) it starts to tear from the inside out, or the tapes will pull the plastic off. But this only happens if i move too much. Ironically they made their tapes SO strong that it tears the plastic sometimes or sometimes breaks of the attached end.

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    I love SDKs for the look but it's true about the above problems. I've been told cushies are better. I have both, I just like the graphics on the SDKs more than the Cushies.

    But right now I'm trying to be a big boy and have pull ups on!

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    I have found that occasionally one of the tapes gets bent during packaging or they ship a defective product by accident. I remember getting a box once and when I was halfway through one bag I noticed there was a progressive defect where the diaper on top had a bent tape, which ripped the diaper under it, so I was basically cheated out of two diapers. And those are expensive.

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    I have some cushies also. Asked ABU if they're were any differences and they told me it was the exact same diaper but with different print. I didn't even have the diaper very tight. Seems the plastic should have more give than to just tear?? Oh n learn. I still like them but it's just very hard to trust them now:-/

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    I never had them tear on me. Did they just make them crappier?

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    Have had this happen when putting a disposable on too tight where the butt rips in the middle. When you move around, your hip region does not stay a constant size and the diaper needs to have some room to flex. If the diaper is too tight, the plastic gets extended past the maximum elasticity point and ruptures at the maximum stress point, literally center of the butt. Leaves you with a nice mess of pulp and SAP everywhere.

    Mostly I find it happens when I have them on fairly tight and do stuff that requires a lot of bending and flexing. Good diapers have plenty of flex in the plastic (Bambino and Abena M4 are great for it), but can and still risk the occasional rip out.

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    I wear SDKs to bed every now and then and have never had one rip in half. What the heck are you doing to your diapers? J/K. The only diaper I ever had a problem with was a Bambino Bellissimo! That diapers lining (inside) split open for no reason in the butt area and covered me in sap. I admit ABUs diapers are not the best but I've never had major issues with one ( hopefully I never do). I hope this was a one time flaw and the rest of your diapers are stronger.

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    I've noticed this with the SDKs. I found the problem usually arises from taping it on too tight, or not taping it correctly as I have to diaper myself. I'm also kind of in between a medium and a large, and have the problem less often with the large size.

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    I wear super-dry-kids diapers frequently and have never had this problem (knock on wood). Sounds like a defect in that diaper. EVERY diaper company has defects and to boycott an entire brand purely over that is nonsensical, IMHO, though I understand how frustrating it can be.

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    I pee a lot. More than most. I rink a lot of water. So mine often leak.

    The tape on my Cushie tore off last night before I'd had a chance to potties in my diaper.

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