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    I'm thinking switch to breathable cloth back disposable diaper but have question hope you can help me with. First i'm side sleeper and at moment wear plastic back diaper and not afraid of leak . However with the cloth backing I am because breathable side panel.

    Now normal plastic back have just legs gather to the diaper but full plastic outer shell . As for cloth backing one it has breathable side panel , legs gather and built in leak guards for add protect.

    So my question what one would be better with protecting normal plastic with just leg gather or cloth one with add protection of the built leak guards however is breathable side going be problem even those leak guards.

    I really want get cloth with leak guards for add protection instead just legs gather but really worry about breathable side from sleeping on my side. So is leak guards going protect me from side leaking.

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    From what I understand, your concern is that urine will eventually flow through the leg gathers of the diaper because the leg gathers are made of the same material as the shell, which has the potential to leak. I personally have never had urine flow through the cloth backing of the cloth like diapers I've worn.

    The only problem I've had with side sleeping, I've observed in both cloth and plastic backed diapers. I don't trust my diapers to hold what I put into them when I'm on my side, it almost always leaks out regardless of diaper type.

    I'd have to say that if side sleeping works for you, you probably won't have issues with the transition. I can't imagine why you would get different results in either situation.

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    Are you thinking about buying Abena Cloth backed disposables diapers? They work good on the absorption. They do have leak guards. I am not a side sleeper. I sleep on my back. I only had 2 bad things with them. One is my fault because I made it too snug close to a tight fit. It rip down the middle of my back. The other is the smell was bad. I used a little extra powder to fix that. That is the only cloth backed I had tried. I like plastic backed diapers better myself. Did you find another brand out there?

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    Default Reassure Overnight Briefs Maximum-Absorbency, Medium, 96/Case: Health & Personal Care

    Them are one getting through New York state medicaid to deal with bladder control issue because I have a prescription through doctor. I'm allow 240 diapers a month and what I always use through month as I go through many diapers for bladder control problem I have.

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