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Thread: Difference between being Fired and Quitting...

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    Default Difference between being Fired and Quitting...

    Saturday I was fired after, well shortly after asking if I was going to be fired if I refused to prepare stock(food item) the 'quick' way simply as opposed to the 'right' way which would take longer; 'quick' way is why I hate prepping that item.

    I've told them several times that I donít like doing it the 'quick' way because of various reasons; one being that it proves that another person isn't doing their duty in the workplace. And, refusing to prepare the item regardless of either way it gets prepared; I know is a fire-able action...

    So, was I fired; or, did I quit?

    My actions after/during the situation says, "I quit."; but, the situation and other events leading to it says, "You're fired!"

    I'm also say that you would have to be there(be me) to fully understand the stress of working at this place(part-time job, variable hours...)

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    Since you never actually said you were quitting, I would say you were fired. Asking if you will be fired if you don't do something is not the same thing as saying "I quit", imo.

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    Yeah, I'd have to say fired; that's blatantly disobeying management delegations, regardless of how stupid those delegations sound. I don't see what else could've happened. Normally good team leads keep communication with their team open, and keep an open mind to criticism; from what I can put together, they were probably aware of your concerns and gave their thoughts about it, but just decided that their way was better. Then again, they could've been bad team leads and just swept your concerns under the rug.

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    It sounds like you weren't invested in the job in the first place. Perhaps it was because you have highrer aspirations and can't tolerate half-ass workmanship or ideals.

    I say you quit.

    I have been in this scenaio with much trepidation myself and had to weigh the balances. Stay or leave.

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    we'd probably call it 'constructive dismissal' or 'unfair dismissal' in the UK, especially if it's the case that you were acting with good intent to ensure the health and safety and welfare of the business's customers and employees in your working practices.

    there are a lot of regulations governing food safety, so without the full details one can't really say. add on to that the flourishes that make one business distinctive and successful, and how working against that may damage the reputation of the business, leading to job losses, and it all becomes stickier.

    and i'm fully aware of how low and middle management will often put a business at risk, for short-term gains; but, at the end of the day, are you really bothered?

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    Let's say I call your employer and ask about you. Whether you were fired or quit is effectively whatever they tell me.

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    Doesn't really matter except for the legal technicalities regarding unemployment compensation. The definition can vary from state to state. In some states, terminated "with cause" can give you problems with receiving unemployment. In general, you would tell the unemployment people "laid off" unless there is paperwork that specifically says something else.

    It may also be important to know what they can or will tell future employers who check to verify previous employment. Most HR people won't go any farther than saying "Yes he was employed here from x date to y date". Saying any more than that opens them up to possible legal action from former employees. Sometimes they will go as far as to distinguich "terminated" vs. "quit". "Terminated" in HR speak is a relatively neutral term that could mean anything from layoff to shooting up the place.

    i've fired people for things like smoking pot in the warehouse and petty theft. You'd never know it if you looked up their paperwork. Unless its something REALLY serious, I've said something like "You have two choices. Give me a letter of resignation right now, or wait here while I call the police". You can guess what their choice was. I don't need the hassle any more than they do.

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    Does it make a difference for you?

    I mean, I don't know about the U.S., but regarding some things it's better to be "fired" officially. However as mentioned already it's up to your employer how it ended. Although you could also take it to court, if it matters.

    On the other hand though, whatever your next job may be and where - it's often better to say there that you quitted due to various reasons. It is self-evident, right? Being fired implies you've not been good enough for the job, quitting yourself is up to your argumentation and persuasiveness at another job interview or somewhere else.

    Still, it would've been better finding a new job, or at least having something in sight, since you knew that this might not end well, whichever result it may be. At least if you might not find something directly, but it's too late now for that. Just... keep it in mind perhaps.

    Secondly, another thing you might want to check is your employer's reference, if you're getting one at all for this part time job. It's a complicated jargon on itself, it might sound good overall, but there small things that tell new employers some interesting things.

    However it may turn out, best of luck finding a new job.
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    It is all a word game and it depends on who is looking at it later.

    In my case I was put on administrative leave and HR later claimed I quit, then they turned it around to terminated for cause. When the union lawyer got done with it I was downsized. The state employment department deemed it as an unjustified dismissal and I got unemployment.

    The big question is who does the next potential employer see it?

    You might need to get some help on how to address it, but I would emphasize the do it correctly or do it cheap side of the story.

    I was targeted on ethical issues that I turned in. I got positive compliments from interviews but never hired.


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