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    I have a playdate with a friend scheduled for wednesday. SHe's my "little sister." We're going to try to find a playground without anyone around and play and take some pictures too (she's a photographer). And we're going to a toy store too! I'm really excited. I've never (other than the LIttle's Corner at Aviary) had the chance to sit down and hang out, diapered and carefree, with another ABDL!

    Just wanted to share this. It's really improving my mood, and I really needed something to improve my mood.

    Wednesday is going to be amazing.
    I feel like so much stress has already been relieved just by having set this up.

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    Bart, I would hug you if I could my friend. I am so, so, so happy for you it is untrue.

    You must be so nervous and excited all at the same time. You have so much to look forward to but it is only a few days away. If you will allow me, though, I would like to put some things in perspective. Remember to take your time, do not rush into explaining all your fantasies or desires, you may end up scaring her off. Not to say that will happen, but it is easy to load too much information onto one person. Think about your best points and your best memories and talk about those. Also, have questions of your own to ask, but do not press for answers if they are not being offered right away.

    I would like to add, and specifically for you, try to stay relaxed. If she says something that you do not agree with personally, then just say 'okay, you think differently about that' and move on. I know you can be very opinionated, which I see as a major plus point, but on a first meeting you do not want to create false boundaries that will be hard to overcome in the future. Also try not to get involved in heavy discussions about politics or religion, unless the conversation is going that way. I know from my own experiences, I have upset people by being too full on with views on these important aspect of life. I am sure you have been communicating via the internet anyway and you like each other enough to meet, its just I know how much this means to you and want you to have a great time.

    Please have a wonderful time and make sure you spill the beans when you get home!

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    I hope your playdate is great. I have only met in person one other ABDL in my life. I met them through DPF back in the day. It was a good friendship and my only regret is that when he moved away I did not keep in touch with him. Once again I hope this is a wonderful playdate.

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    Congratulations!!! Sounds like your gonna have a lot of fun.

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    Awesome! Glad to hear you are finding some happiness to pull you out of your dismal state. I hope you two have fun.

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    That is very cool, Bart. Really Cool!

    I can tell from the excitement in your voice (post) that Wednesday cannot come soon enough. I might have to find some time to log in during the week. If I do not get a chance do note that I have seriously added this a note on the calendar. It will make me smile in the morning. Have a blast and am I looking forward to reading the follow up.

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    Hey, congratulations. I know this should help you fell better, a bit happier. It sounds like fun. I never outgrew the swings. They're always fun.

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