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Thread: hockey and diapers

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    Default hockey and diapers

    all excited on this sunday morn to watch canada and sweden in the gold medal game while wearing my pampers. yay!!

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    I love watching sports in diapers (both in person and via the television). It should be a great game, but too bad the US isn't in it. By bet is on Sweden to win.

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    At least my bruins have a few gold silver and bronze winners on our team

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    I have heard that hockey players wear pull-ups under there gear. Anyone know if that's true or not? Thanks

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    I can imagine that would probably be a false. Probably falls under the same myth that racecar drivers wear them as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leftbka View Post
    I have heard that hockey players wear pull-ups under there gear. Anyone know if that's true or not? Thanks
    I played hockey for several years and I personally know a handful of NHL players. This is entirely false.

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    I am farrrrrr from NHL caliber I will wear ocassionally under my gear... but that is a very very very rare thing. I don't believe that most would.. unless it was medically necessary. Plus, they get breaks about every 40 mins to an hour, so unless one was IC it shouldn't be needed.

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    Canada won both Men's and Women's Hockey. I have never heard of such a thing wearing pull-ups under there gear.

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    I did not think it was true thanks for the reply's

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    I love watching sports while in diapers. There's something about them that goes well together, to me. Maybe because most of my sports watching is Premier League football, which tends to air right as I'm waking up here in the EST time zone of the US. So I wake up but stay snuggled in bed in my nighttime diaper and watch the game. Perfection.

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