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Thread: Anyone seen The Lego Movie yet? Anything you guys plan on seeing?

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    Default Anyone seen The Lego Movie yet? Anything you guys plan on seeing?

    I saw The Lego Movie earlier today and it was great. Just sayin'. I'd highly suggest it. Anything you guys wanna see/have seen recently?

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    I am a huge Lego fan myself. I still play with my Legos and have fun building new things. It's funny he has to follow the instruction guide. But at least he had a master plan at the end.

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    I looked forever to see if there was another Upcoming Movies Discussion Thread that I feel like should have existed by now since there are similiar threads for like everything else about what you are watching. Turns out there isn't? Oh well. Gonna post without worry then.

    Lego Movie looks great. Will want to see it eventually, though I don't want to see it enough to go to a theater.

    Guardians of the Galaxy is also looking really great. Chris Pratt playing Peter Quinn/Starlord looks like the reason to watch it for me, his character already seems really adorable to me. Just wanna hug that kind of character and I can't help myself.

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    One of my favorite things to do is still play with legos, I can spend hours just making whatever, there's an endless amount of things you can create with them. I feel so little while playing with them as well. :3

    I really enjoyed that movie, it was funny, yet oddly inspiring.

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    Guardians of the Galaxy is another movie I kind of want to watch. It is looking pretty good.

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    I have seen 12 Years a Slave and Dallas Buyers Club recently. Both are amazing films.

    12 Years is a very moving film, it is probably one of the best films I have seen. Not for the feint hearted however as there some very distressing scenes. Great story that was based on true events and the acting is out of this world.

    Dallas Buyers Club is a cool movie, again this very mature in subject matter and will not suit everyone. Good acting, great soundtrack and good snippet of 80's lifestyles make this a hit.

    Cannot wait to see Lego Movie BTW

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    I enjoyed The Lego Movie. I did think that the first ten minutes set a very high standard that the rest of the movie failed to live up to, however. Still, overall, well worth the price of admission.

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    I'm really annoyed. I've been looking forward to this for ages. I can't understand why they have delayed the release for so long in Australia. I'll probably be able to see a high res copy on line before it even makes it to the big screen here. It's just rediculous.

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    I can highly recommend Frozen if you can find a cinema that is still showing it. It's a very well animated movie, with an interesting take on true love, and an epic soundtrack. I'm a massive Lion King fan, and even I'd say that Frozen is almost on a par with it as a movie.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShAd0w10 View Post
    I saw The Lego Movie earlier today and it was great. Just sayin'. I'd highly suggest it. Anything you guys wanna see/have seen recently?
    Everything is awesome!

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    To everyone: LEGO Everything is Awesome 10 HOURS - YouTube

    except for ozbub
    may you one day get the lego movie

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    Saw it, loved it, very interesting, it inspired me.
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