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    I've been looking into adult diapers to get, because I've never had an opportunity to try them and goodnites get to a point where they're just tight(haha). I was looking over adult diapers, and came across cushies, I wanted to know are good they are overall?

    I don't wanna buy them, and regret it. So basically my question is would you recommend cushies? Why or why not?

    anything would help, thanks!

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    Honestly, they're fun to play in. Like general wearing is okay, but they don't hold as much as you would like, they clump after getting wet, plus I remember ABU has / had a problem with pin sized holes in their diapers where they leak. If you're looking for a "babyish" diaper, try Bambinos.

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    ABU Cushies and Super Dry Kids (SDK) are built on the same chassis. Basically the same diaper with a different overall print and look. They are basically play diapers. The liquid absorbancy is paltry at best but they fit AMAZING! They will reliably hold one medium size wetting. Out of all of the diapers I have tried these certainly evoke the feeling of being lilttle and 'strapped-in'. Cushies are loud and crinkly. The prints are loud and bold. I would rate them a 10 on look, feel, and fit. I would rate them a 3.5 on usability and extended wear. On price vs. experience I would rate Cushies as a solid 7.

    The best thing about Cushies is the single large tape per side. The tape is huge (70mm) and, once stuck, will never be pulled off without destroying the diaper. They stick!

    Before I bought my first pack I read a bit of negativity about the product. But after experiencing them first-hand I am glad I tried them. They are certainly worth a sample.

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    If you are switching from Goodnites to Cushies I don't think you will be disappointed! I am currently working my way through 40 Super Dry Kids diapers and I LOVE them. I would put these between store brand diapers (Depends) and the "super" diapers like Bambino, Dry24/7 for absorbancy. I have worn one to bed almost every night and they hold up quite well over all. The tapes are super strong and super sticky so if you like your diapers tight they will hold. The plastic feels great/soft/smooth but makes lots of noise (even under clothes) and I've never had pin hole leaks. The padding is also soft and feels great but like most can break up and clump over time and does not swell much when wet. I have not had the clumping problem on my recent batch so maybe they improved the padding? Would I recommend them?

    Depends on what you expect out of them and where you intend to wear them. You want to wear them out in public for hours of trusted protection that's easy to hide? I would say buy Abena or Tena for out and about protection. If you plan on wearing them at home and don't want to wear the same diaper for 8 plus hours then yes these will be great. If you want a diaper that is almost to thick to hide under clothes and will last more than 12 hours then go with Bambino.

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    The cushies and super dry kids (SDK) are amazing to have they feel like real baby diapers and work really good you won't be disappointed in them

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    Thanks for the comments. I've never been one to wear for an extended amount of time mostly 1-2 hours tops & I've almost never wore in public. I think once I get a chance to order some, I'll probably order Bambinos & Cushies and see which one I prefer.

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    Compared to Goodnights, Cushies are great.
    As said there not to great for wetting in.
    They are cute and more of a play diaper.

    For me they fit is not to bad, tho do not feel to secure.
    I prefer Bambino's products mostly Teddies and Bellissimo's.
    I think they are softer and fit better.
    Tho there tapes are not as good as ABU's kind.

    Tho each person has there own preference, to what they like.
    If you can, get samples of them to see what best works for you.

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