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Thread: ABU Cloth Like

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    Default ABU Cloth Like

    Just received it today. Pretty happy about it! There is really nice.

    But... but. Yet an other complaint.

    ABU and their pre-order.... take exactly 3 months after payment to received it. Disappointing... they said before Christmas!

    They said too, they will give a gift for who pre-order. It's a t-shirt. They doesn't ask for the size, they shipped me an Large, I wear small! Thanks but no thanks!

    Anyway, people gonna say, complaint to them. Everybody did! It's not the first time this happening.

    I think they can do better, they won't lost any client, their diapers are awesome.

    Sorry for bad english, it's not my first language

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    I just recieved mine too and got two free plastic back cushies... I guess that was my gift? They must be different for everybody. I don't even remember when I ordered but it was wayy before Christmas and was on the verge of sending an angry email if they hadn't come by the end of this month.

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    I pre-order them last oct but after like 2 delays i asked for a refund.
    Had 2 cases ordered.
    I got samples of them from abu and loved them but to pre-order something and wait that long when i need them is bad.
    Thats why im happy about the absorbency plus from xp medical as they are made in the USA and so that should mean no more waiting for it to ship from overseas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willy81 View Post
    2 diapers? Really?
    That's exactly how I felt when I got my shipment in a few days ago. The only positive light I see from this is that I didn't get that god awful shirt (good design for all over print diaper, terrible design for a shirt when it's just a rectangle smack dab in the front middle of a plain white shirt) and I have 2 plastic backed cushies to compare and contrast with.

    Terrible customer service. But dammit I like their cloth like covered cushies.

    Never pre-ordering form them again. But if the diapers are on hand, you can bet I'm buying more.

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    ABU said: "they will give a gift"... 2 diapers, 5,95$ for 2 for customer, so at their cost is what? 1,50$ each? So 3$ gift? Really? ... And a t-shirt from a batch is like 5$ cost.

    Pretty cheap "gifts".

    They should at least give coupon or something.

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    A little off-topic, but not really... Have any of my fellow Canadians spoke with B4NS about when, or even if, he plans on restocking Cushies? I've been having some Cushies cravings lately, particularly to try the cloth-like ones, but don't want to be the 1000th person to email B4NS with the same question... That said, I'd like to try out Aww So Cute too, but they sound extraordinarily expensive to get a hold of here in the Great White North.

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    Nick, if you're close to Montreal, just make delivering to the border; it's way cheaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willy81 View Post
    Nick, if you're close to Montreal, just make delivering to the border; it's way cheaper.
    South-Eastern Alberta actually. :-( I am really only about a 40 minute drive from Great Falls, MT., but I don't have a passport... :-( :-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willy81 View Post
    They should at least give coupon or something.
    Oh I got some coupons from them, but they all expired on New Year's Eve. Absolutely ridiculous...

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