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Thread: Best diaper for sitting

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    Default Best diaper for sitting

    Anyone know which diapers handle wetting while sitting well?

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    My Bambino Bellisimo hold up really well. If I put them on correctly I can flood them multiple times without leaks.

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    Cloth diapers work really well while sitting since cloth diapers are usually better at wicking than disposables.

    However, if you flood any diaper while sitting down, you're practically begging for a leak. If you let go in short streams, the diapers will be less likely to leak. If you think about it, while sitting you are basically compacting the material and forcing the urine to be collected in to the top of the diaper. Think about gravity and water. Water will find the path of least resistance until it is trapped. No diaper is leak proof.

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    The diapers that work well for me is Bambino, Dry24/7, Molicare, and Tena slip maxi.

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