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Thread: My closet has broken.

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    Default My closet has broken.

    Well, it is out and open now. My sister, while puting my lock on the box i keep my ab stuff in, i just got the lock and needed to get it on the box asap, did as i asked. But she tripped i guess and spilled my nuk 5, bottle, sippy cup, and spare paci, as large as i could find at w-mart. I have no diapers. So she called mom, whn already knew, i told her ages ago. No doubt she will tell my other sister. Just happened an hour ago. I will update as things happen. At least it was an acident, she did not betray me and look in on purpose as i told her not to. I would have done it myself but i was not going to be their for a day.

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    I hope everything is okay and that they keep all the information in the house at least!
    Yes, please... Keep us posted !

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    *phew* at least there were no diapers lol, those are usually the big-deal causers

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