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Thread: How to keep poop from smelling?

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    Default How to keep poop from smelling?

    Okay, I admit it, I love messing my diapers. Possibly more than wetting....But I was just wondering. Other than chlorophyll tablets, is there anyway to make your poop not stink? this would be really helpful so I would have a lot more freedom to use my diapers to the full extent of what a diaper is used for. To me, if my diaper isn't both wet AND messy, it does not qualify as full.

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    The pizza you eat today will be in your pants tomorrow.

    That's my own little maxim.

    (And I'm looking for someone to stitch that into a sampler for me.)

    Diet and fluids, I'd say. More proteins, fewer carbs, bland seasoning. Drier poop is less smelly than moist, so hold it longer to allow the body to absorb moisture out of it.

    I'm sure there's much more to try.

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    I've already hear of Chloro tabs, explain to me why you don't want/can't use them please, because I was going to buy some for whenever I decided to re try some messing.

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    Nasty smell of some sort is fairly unavoidable with poop.

    Beware though. If you try things to make it smell better and you start to think it smells fine, do not for a moment believe that no one else will smell it either.

    Humans become quickly used to their own smells, to the extent they cannot smell it at all. Trust me, others can smell it.

    The safest thing to do is never poop around anyone else and clean up. I mean seriously clean up. A quick shower is no good. Again, you can't smell it, others can. The stuff is notoriously bad for lingering smells. Good long shower or better still a bath, and tonnes of powder after.

    And don't sit in it for a long time. I like the feeling of pooping, but it has to be cleaned fast. Pee is another matter, depending how good the diaper is, as it's only when the diaper is full that it starts soaking into the skin and the ammonia making bacteria starts at work.

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    How could you make shit not stink? Man, I'm gonna get KILLED for this post....

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    I don't have any tips for making it not smell, but I do have one for removing lingering odors.
    Get some really fragrant soap, something like Irish Spring or whatever really strong smelling soap you like. Get in the shower and soap the area down and rinse off three times. Three soapings seems to remove almost all the smell, a little powder after that will do the job.

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    i think you should just use a real toilet if you need to mess... people can detect the smell instantly and start looking around! they might see a bulge in your pants too

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    Being a man who takes pride in his manliness, there are two things that must be present every time I defecate:

    1) Toilet;

    2) Smell.

    The smell is essential. Without the odor, a man cannot necessarily mark his territory how he must, and the toilet must also be present so that the feces can meet its natural habitat -- the sewer -- more quickly. I'm not a proponent of pants-defecating, as it often makes me want to punch children or eldery people very hard just thinking about it.

    I guess my whole thing is, why get rid of the smell? Take pride in it! A movement of the bowels is a movement towards your own manly self-discovery!

    ... but in all seriousnss, I don't condone the elimination of fecal odor through any means but diet modification, and even that I don't suggest. While the odor may be unpleasant or unfortunate, it is a biproduct of the body's natural processes, and if it smells, that means we're working just fine.

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    Well, I'm not sure that anything will really get rid of the smell. I've tried the Chlorophyll tablets, and they didn't do a thing to reduce, let alone eliminate the smell.

    Right now, I'm trying something different. it's a liquid Chlorophyll herbal supplement, in an eye dropper bottle that you take once or twice a day. I've been using it about a month, and so far, it's only reduced the smell a little bit. It has a minty like taste, and you mix it into a drink, either water, or juice, or even soda. It turns the drink green too, kinda weird, and looks gross, but it doesn't really taste bad at all.

    I don't believe there is anything that will stop crap from smelling like crap. But if you find something, please, please, let me know what it is. I need something. I just hate it when I have an accident in public.

    Good luck in your search.

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