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Thread: Busted in a pharmacy line-up

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    Default Busted in a pharmacy line-up

    Has this ever happened to anyone? Soooo embarrassing.

    So I'm standing in the line up at the pharmacy with my Maximum Protection Depends in hand. I always go there at a time when it's not too busy and there is hardly anyone in the lineup. This has worked well for more than fifteen years. Fortunately the line has a railing and there are displays on the other side of the railing so when I'm near the front of the line I hold the package down to my left so it's pretty well blocked from anyone's view.

    I'm standing at the front of the line, waiting my turn, when I hear someone right behind me calling me by name and saying hello. It was a client who I had helped in the past through my work and he had some questions for me. I never had this happen before, so I'm on edge, but trying to appear calm and relaxed, and most importantly, MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT, so he doesn't look down to see the package in my hand. It was slightly hidden by the placing of the railing and the displays around the side of it.. This was working well. He was very animated and engaged in our conversation and really didn't notice the package.

    As he's talking a cashier shouts out 'Next.' That was me. I was hoping it would have been the cashier way down at the end so I could make my escape and leave the guy behind, but, no, it had to be the one right in front of us. I'm maintaining eye contact with the guy, and sliding my diapers onto the counter while continuing our discussion. He didn't even least yet! I'm giving him advice, standing directly in front of him to block his view,and with my back to the cashier, who shouts 'Sir, do you want a bag?' Yes, of course, absolutely. The client is still talking away and he still hasn't noticed anything. 'Sir do you collect Air Miles?' No, I responded still keeping my back to her, wishing she'd just hurry up. She seemed frustrated with me as if she thought I was just being rude to her, talking away to another person while keeping my back to her. I didn't care at this point, I just wanted out. I picked up the bag and was practically holding it behind my back as we were still chatting away. I then managed to get out of the store after arranging for the client to give me a call.

    The part that's funny is that I am 98% positive he didn't see my diapers and we were both so caught up in the discussion I don't think he even noticed my anxiety. This is the closest I ever came to getting caught in public. I'm not particularly worried about it happening again in the near future because I've been doing it for fifteen years without an incident. It'll probably be another fifteen years before it happens again. I hope.

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    Well to be honest i think he saw it, but thought you were IC and didnt wanna bring it up? or atleast not make a big deal about it. :3

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    He may have seen it, or maybe not. Anyhow, it sounds as if he had other things on his mind and probably really doesn't care one way or the other. I understand the feeling, I was purchasing a footed sleeper one time, and the clerk practically yelled, "Wow, those are some BIG pajamas!" SHHHHH!!! Or, I've gotten smirks from other cashiers while purchasing "supplies."

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    Often times we forget that people have a higher sense of humanity and decency then we allow ourselves to believe; he probably did notice but didnt jump to any conclusions and quickly either

    A) made his own assumption that it was for a relative or someone else or
    B) felt it was irrelevant to your business ethic and might have thought they were for you, but felt he was adult enough to not make a comment or completely ignore the situation.

    I've gotten caught buying diapers in public before AND after all my friends already knowing about my lifestyle, and only once have i received any kind of immature response, and even more so it was from a girl who worked behind one of the registers at a grocery store. Now-a-days i buy my diapers online but if i ever see a friend out in public while im buying baby bottles or baby powder or some other baby related product, i just say I'm adding to my collection lol. If someone who DOESNT know catches me in public (which is a very rare occurence for me these days since everyone knows), i'd probably just be honest :P but knowing how the people in my area are, people would more than likely ignore it and be more respectable to the situation.

    Hell, i've even gotten caught by friends while wearing in public under my dress, they hear the crinkle and ask me "are you wearing a diaper?" and i just tell them "yeah" and giggle, and they usually just ask me with genuine curiosity and not a condescending "BUT WHY?!?!" or often times i'll think i got caught (and most likely did) but the person who doesn't know that I wear will probably keep quiet and act like its not their place to bring it up, which is true to be honest :P

    Give society a little more credit hehehehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Straycatz View Post
    He may have seen it, or maybe not. Anyhow, it sounds as if he had other things on his mind and probably really doesn't care one way or the other. I understand the feeling, I was purchasing a footed sleeper one time, and the clerk practically yelled, "Wow, those are some BIG pajamas!" SHHHHH!!! Or, I've gotten smirks from other cashiers while purchasing "supplies."
    oh i know that feel, like before i was able to buy adult diaper i bought those teen diapers, and i always got a smirk from the cashier and i kinda hated it cause it made me all "redface"

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    Never been caught buying diapers, but I have had the cashier say something like "Do you normally buy these, Sir?". I could have easily responded to her with a high five, in the face.. with a chair.

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    Yeah he saw the diapers. Line of vision and area of vision is wider than one thinks sometimes. Most times people aren't going to ask why you are buying something personal because they know it is your business and not theirs. So yeah he saw them but I wouldn't worry my head about it.

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    For years i was a EMT and did not worry about getting caught.

    People that knew me knew i picked up medical supplies for others.

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    I usually buy my Goodnites at our local grocery store, and so far, I've not seen anyone I know. I use the self checkout. One time however, I was getting them at Walmart, paying by check. They wanted to see my driver's license, and then noticed it was out of date. I wasn't aware it had lapsed. The cashier called her manager over, and suddenly it was a big deal with much attention being made. The guy behind me snickered. Note, he didn't laugh, but snickered, which seemed so much worse. I had the cash, which I then produced. I paid for them and got the hell out of Dodge.

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    I would not worry too much about it as it was not someone you see all the time or a close friend/family member. That would be much worse and harder to explain. I am sure he is professional enough to brush it off if he had seen.

    I am quite lucky that I pick my supplies up on the way home from work in a pharmacy that is quite far from my home town and where I know nobody who lives around. But I do remember buying supplies in nearby pharmacy one time a few years back and had that feeling of worry that someone I know may walk in. But it did not happen and I left with purchase unscathed.

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