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    I've finally started playing GW2 again and have been for almost a month. If u play GW2 you should probably add me or vise-verse. My account name is Andrewski The Booski.5134 and my main character name is Gorelock Manglemane. Post your info here!

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    Might have to take you up on this offer. I may have some free time this weekend to play.

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    There is a sub-forum here Computers & Gaming that is specifically for video games and computer related topics, I think this thread should be moved there.

    Also GW2 looks fun I just never got to buying it. Considering Wildstar is releasing soon enough, I doubt I'll pick GW2 up any time soon. That is unless I somehow don't like WS, then I might just go to GW2.

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    I haven't played in months and can't recall my information. I've been thinking about getting back into it, when I do I'll add you.

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    I've been playing harder this time around than ever b4, i've been up past 4am the last 3-4 nights in a row, gonna get to bed earlier tonight though.

    On another note, I ended up joining a furry guild called, Tail Swishers [Furs] and while chat was fairly busy i said, "Where are all the DL's at?" to which i got a private reply, from the guild leader, who said he was a DL and that I had some balls asking that in Guild Chat. I said, OMG, we are now permanent friends! and we talked about it for the next 2 hours after that. He said he doesn't have an account here on ADISC and I tried briefly to convince him to join. He said he didn't want to, but I may still convince him yet.

    It was just soo EPIC and great that I met another DL the first time I ever tried on GW. Anywho, I've been regular on GW for almost a month now and i don't feel it slowing down anytime soon, SO get up here and post some info so I can add you, or vise versa.

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    I just started playing again my contact id is Jballz.9745

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nintendorox! View Post
    I just started playing again my contact id is Jballz.9745

    Note: Looks like all you need is a character name now, so u can post full info if u want, but Character Name seems to be all thats important!

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