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    Default Who likes to cook

    I start cooking last year and i love it. I do have some simple things i created and found some recipes on the internet i use. I think share some recipe be a good idea

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    I love to cook for friends and relatives, but not professionally. My most mastered dishes include White Corn Risotto, Roasted Pork Loin, and many variations of fried chicken breast. I have this recipe I call "Chester's Angry Cock" where you get Flaming Hot Cheetos, crush them up and use the basic breading procedure to coat chicken breasts in the Flaming Hot Cheeto dust. Season the flour with dry oregano, white pepper, parmessan cheese and a bit of paprika (put some parm and paprika in the cheeto dust as well) and then just deep fry the suckers. And then just serve it with a small dipping bowl with your favorite hot sauce or wing sauce :3

    Bread Crumb Mac & Cheese infused with Truffle Oil is also a mouthgasm lol... honestly anything with Truffle oil or truffles in it is a mouthgasm xD

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    Cooking is so fun!!
    Worked in a restaurant but it was as a waitress and I liked to see the different combinations of foods and the way it can be lain out so prettily!
    One of my favourite parts about being married is getting to cook. If it's just me I don't care for it so much.
    I like baking without recipes and trying random mixes. Really the worst thing that can happen is not liking it. If that happens I just don't make it again! Lol

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    There's actually a group here on ADISC called foodies and we trade recipes there from time to time. Since I love cooking I joined, but unfortunately haven't thrown on many recipes. Having more join the group will eventually accumulate a recipe database though. Give it a shot.

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    I love to cook, and if I can harvest something from my garden to add to a meal it is even more satisfying!
    My most favourite thing to cook is pieroggi, a meal my nana used to make when she had time to do it.
    They are very time consuming and messy but well worth it ^.^
    Im going to go and have a look for the foodie group now!

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    I really enjoy it! I'm horrible at any sort of baking or dough-making, but I have a lot of fun experimenting with different ways of making chicken breast or hamburger or potatoes. I think my biggest success so far (according to my roommate) has either been my pork stew or my hassleback potatoes with chicken breast stuffed with ham, cheese, an homemade spicy mustard.

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    BigKid25 beat me to the plug already, but there is a group called foodies that I mentor. We started it several months ago and I have posted most of my signature recipes and we share ideas and techniques.

    Give us a try.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DPRCB View Post
    I just joined
    Welcome to our little group.


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