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Thread: Wetting and other nappy issues.

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    Default Wetting and other nappy issues.

    Hi.This may sound odd but when I'm in certain positions I find wetting near impossible.I can wet standing up with ease, but when I try sitting in a chair or lying in my bed its practically impossible.This morning I woke up in my nappy needing a pee and wanted to practice wetting in bed but even though my bladder was full nothing would come out, despite lots of straining and trying to go.Last night I tried going in my arm chair but pee only came out in small dribbles here and there.I haven't been indulging in my diaper fetish long and think that perhaps its a psychological thing as my mind may be reluctant to allow me to go in places I'm not used to.I'm so glad I've started doing this, I love walking round my home in a nice warm wet nappy.

    Also...disposal.Whats the best way to dispose?.I guess obviously the bin, but I'm worried about odours coming out of the bin outside and I don't like the idea of the local council refuse collectors knowing there's a amount of dirty nappies coming from my bins.I have started going through a lot of nappies since I have started wearing them full time. often should one change after wetting?.I can go a few times in mine without them leaking but they start to sag when they get heavier.

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    Your first issue is that you're straining. Straining not only doesn't work but it makes it HARDER for you to go, and also can damage your urethra. Just practice and dont force it, try to relax.

    as for disposal, just throw them away as you would any other thing. You wont get any odors from your outdoor garbage bin because thats what the lid is for. And if you are throwing it away indoors, buy some scented diaper disposal bags or just put it in a grocery store bag and throw it into the garbage bin. Honestly, the local garbage collector is too busy concentrating on his job to care about what he sees in the garbage he collects or to bother remembering "hey this house has a guy who wears a LOT of diapers", people have a little more sense than that, and also wouldn't make a big deal out of it anyway. Those garbage people see some nasty and crazy shit every day that diapers is the least of their shocking events.

    I'd say just change yourself before you start to leak. I personally change myself after the first or second wetting depending on where I am or what im doing. Mostly its after the first because after a while it gets uncomfortable to wear and it also starts to deteriorate or clump up. I only change after the 2nd wetting when im wearing a good diaper and just having some baby time at home.

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    Hey Lozza, it was great to hear your story, I really hope you enjoy your journey. You just need to stay honest with yourself and do what you feel is right. What feels good is most likely okay and feel free to express yourself in ways that build the person you are seeking.

    Do not worry about the bin men, they will not notice. I have been putting the rubbish out for over ten years and have never had any problems with the council or bin men. They have seen it all. As Emily said, not that shocking when compared to some things they must see.

    The pee will flow for you after a while, in a times to come, you will look back and think why can I just pee whenever, where ever I am. It is a barrier your mind will overcome. It has had a whole life letting go in the toilet, facing a pan. Now it has to use a nappy and has issues letting go at first. Just relax, think of waterfalls and guzzling ice cold beer in the summer. These kinds of things work for me every time and now I can go standing up, laying down, on my head and on the moon.

    On the leaking thing, you will experiment and find what works for you. If you feel like you need changing, hey you know what, just do it. If you want to sit around in it for a while, hey, just do it. Make sure to know your diaper as well. Like a ninja you will check and keep an eye out for when the nappy is full.

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    You just need to learn to relax. The more you wear the easier it will get. When wearing a diaper I can now wet without even thinking about it. As far as disposal I just use plastic produce bags or grocery store bags and tie them shut.

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    Hi there
    For me it took a lot of concentration however I just relaxed and embraced being a DL (wearing 24/7 also helped). My local supermarket has seelable sandwich bags and means the odor is kept in however to be on the safe side I spray a bit of air fresher in the bag. I normally change after 1/2 wettings and keep a change with me a all times. As Emily says don't push it as it can cause damage just take your time realax and it will happen.

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    It's just a matter or practice and progression I think. For me, when I started wetting I could only go standing up with water running very lightly into a plastic cup (because it sounded like someone using a little plastic potty), then eventually I could stand and go without the water going, then I could go kneeling, then sitting and laying. It's still hard sometimes sitting and laying, but I find that if I take my mind off really trying to go and just relax and distract myself it just sort of happens now.

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    I don't wear very often so i encounter this problem when I do get to wear again. You just have to relax and get used to it. Your mind and body has been trained to go only when on a toilet and you have to break the to speak. Generally it doesn't take me long to start wetting my diaper is a multitude of positions!

    I usually wet my diaper twice before I change. I like to get the most out of each and every one.

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    I have also noticed that with some nappy's the sticky tabs can come unstuck when you bend over or do certain things, which means they lose their bond with the nappy more and they come unstuck easier.Also when wetting lying down, face up, pee leaks upwards along the groin area and /or underneath wetting clothes or bedding.Yesterday it wet the front of my trakkies and I had to change and the night before I wet the nappy in bed and it leaked out the bottom wetting the mattress cover.Does anybody else have this issue?.Surely nappies should offer complete protection, but I'm only guaranteed not to leak when I wet standing.

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    Hi there
    As far a leaks are concerned I wear polyurethane briefs over the diaper/nappy for extra protection especially at night. However since I learnt how much liquid my diaper/nappy would hold I don't have any leaks now (that has tempted fate) in addition I ensure that things point in the correct direction and the diaper/nappy has a fold in it long wise! All the best.

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    I think the key is relax like CrinklyEmilyLG said. Due to my OAB I don't have any issues with that. I can pee, driving, walking, running, sitting and of course sleeping. As far as disposing, it all depends on your living situation. Either way if they sit in the garbage long enough they'll stink. as far as changing that's personal preference. I change when I'm at my max. Diapers are expensive and I want to use them to there full potential!

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