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Thread: AWW SO Cute diapers

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    Default AWW SO Cute diapers

    I want to try them. If would try an 1 Abena for 1 of them

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    I am interested in these too. They seem a little pricey but I m tempted to splurge on a sample pack.

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    While they are very pricey, i would definitely say to spoil yourself if you ever get the chance. Think of it like buying a 10 dollar milk shake that is made with tahiti vanilla bean ice cream and fresh japanese cow milk :P. Way overpriced, but still very enjoyable lol

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    Go ahead and indulge yourself. I have some on hand and when I'm in the mood I put one on. Waiting for their new pink ones
    so I can wear with my pink trimmed onesie I have from them.

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    With shipping to where I live, I'd be looking at about $10 apiece, maybe more! Would love to try them though.

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    How do they compare to cushies, tena slip? Are they the next best thing to Pampers?? Lol

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    They are worth it! The size, shape,and capacity are almost identical to Bambino Classico/blanco/teddys, but way more adorable. Very functional, and very cute!

    I <3 them. Very worth the price, for a special treat.


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    Hmmm.....might have to give them a try! Had no idea....

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