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Thread: Your Experience with Unique Wellness Superio?

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    Default Your Experience with Unique Wellness Superio?

    I've seen a few "reviews" of the new Unique Wellness Superio diaper around the web; most seem more like advertisements than independent reviews by users. (Manufacturers do that, you know). Others seemed to be based on small experience. I'm wondering what incon people think of them now that they've had a chance to use them for awhile?

    Here's my experience in a nutshell.

    Pluses: They really fixed the leaking pinhole problem. The tapes are fine too. Pretty discrete. In spite of some reports, I don't have trouble with clumping filler, nor do they swell excessively. Absorbency is better than cheap brands. If you buy on the 20% off sale with free shipping, they are quite reasonably priced for a quality diaper.

    Minuses: They absorb slower than the best briefs, and this can cause leaks. Usually I leak a little at a time. But sometimes its a lot all at once, and that can be a problem. But whether fast or slow, I feel wet, right away and all the time. So they are a bit hard on my skin. I use a lot of diaper rash cream with these diapers, which partially offsets the cheaper price. The eight-hour claim is still, in my opinion, an exaggeration. Sure, if you don't drink much, never have a "flood," and stand rather than sit or lie down, you might make eight hours. But they are going to feel bad, and probably seep around the edges.

    I tried them at night. I've learned to wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants over a new disposable the first few times at night. Good thing I did. Then I tried again. These can't make it through the night for me.

    Finally, after getting a bad batch of the old ones, I would say that you should expect neither satisfaction nor courtesy if you contact UW's customer service.

    All in all, for me, UW briefs are definitely better than store brands, they are definitely cheaper than the most expensive brands, but they are still a compromise.

    If you've used them for awhile, what's your experience? And have you found something better for incontinence?

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    I just got a bag of them after I tried a sample. The sample don't do them any justice, because they get mangled around in the mail. So, the ones that came in a full order of a bag were in much better shape.

    This is what I like: They are a better size fitting diaper for me. I am in between a medium and a large. All the medium sized higher quality or AB type diapers I have tried (bambinos, sdk, cushies, molicares, tranqulity, totaldry, tena slip maxi), either the bottom taps don't reach to the tape zone or if they do, it is way too tight and the front don't come up high enough. The large on nearly all that I have tried (same as above) swallow me! It's like all the larges are way too long and I guess made for super tall people, IDK. The only one I like that works well for me, even though it's a little big, are the sdk. Another thing I like is that they are discrete under clothes! They are a bit thin but I can actually wear my jeans that are a little more snug fitting, without worrying about the bulge showing. They are also pretty quiet.

    This is what I don't like: If I have to go a lot, they start to get pretty heavy in front. On me, they feel like they swell pretty big and are squishy feeling. I have only worn 3 and only once at night when I practically stayed dry, so don't know how well they will work for me in bed if I have to go more than once.

    Anyway! Over all I like them and will probably order more because I am starting to wear more often under clothes and around other people (family, friends, etc) in public and these seem really easy to hide.
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    Above and beyond what has already been mentioned, I noticed they weren't very noisy. I was wearing jeans over them but with Depends, I still hear the telltale crinkle while moving (I doubt anyone else bit me would notice most of the time). With these, it was one faint crinkle every couple minutes of walking.

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    Default Have you tried the new wellness superio diapers

    Recently the company made some changes to there diapers. I got a few samples the other day and I wore them to bed last night. I woke up twice in the middle of the night to pee in the diaper. when I woke up the diaper was soaked and it felt completely dry. when I took the diaper off it was very heavy. I felt the padding and it was completely dry. The leg elastic and leak guards were also completely dry. If you haven't tried them you really need to.

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    I like them as well. There the ones I use when I want a thin but yet highly absorbent diaper when I'm around people.

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    The Wellness Superio is now one of my top favorite diapers. I have not experienced the "cons" you are experiencing. They are probably one the fastest absorbing diapers I have ever used, (similar to the new XP Medical level 4 A+.) I really haven't had any issues with these diapers leaking even when they are close to their max capacity. They have become my "go to" diaper for wearing in public because I have full confidence in them. Because of their sizing they fit me better than any other diaper I have tried. I am right smack in the middle of the medium size. Most other diapers I can wear either the small or the medium versions but far too often the smalls are too small because I am at the for the waist/hip size and medium I am at the low end. I have also warn them for 8 hours plus and they still feel dry to the skin.

    I did a review of the Beta versions here

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    I really really like the new version of these diapers. They are deceptively absorbent for how thin they are. They also have really nice standing leak guards. Seriously these things are super tall and in some ways remind me of a baby diaper. Lots of elastic overall too. Any issue with bad tapes in the first run has been resolved. The new tapes work very very very well.

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    I took the suggestion and tried the new and improved Wellness brief that is supposed to absorb faster. Since a couple people said they were getting better, I thought maybe they were. Here is my experience with the latest and greatest.

    My first reaction on opening the package was, "You have got to be kidding!!" What are they thinking?? Instead of the tasteful almost-completely-white diaper, they put BIG BOLD letters on the front with their logo, your SIZE (Really?? Does anybody like that??) and the very helpful message in capital letters, "FRONTAL RESEALABLE TAPE ZONE." Thanks, we never would have guessed ... And, yes, that stiff "frontal resealable tape zone" does crinkle.

    I tried them at night two more times, again covering them with a cloth diaper and plastic pants. Good thing too--I needed them, both times. They just don't make it that long.

    I didn't notice an improvement on absorption speed. If I push these diapers to their advertised capacity, they will leak. Maybe I just go in a hurry? They still feel damp and clammy to me after the first wetting. This should be expected. It is the limitation of all the thin high-SAP diapers. Super absorbent polymer does a nice job of holding a lot for its weight, and that's why they can be thin. The Wellness briefs can make that claim too. But they don't absorb as quickly as natural fibers. And its that extra layer of fluff between the liner and the SAP that contributes to a drier feel. And Wellness just doesn't have it or enough of it to make a practical difference.

    So, I would say, if the previous version worked for you, that's great. They probably still will. Well, unless the nursing-home-style printing puts you off. But if you really need the eight-hour capacity, or are looking for something you might wear discretely under your white shorts or a sheer skirt ... better keep looking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandi View Post
    My first reaction on opening the package was, "You have got to be kidding!!" What are they thinking?? Instead of the tasteful almost-completely-white diaper, they put BIG BOLD letters on the front with their logo, your SIZE (Really?? Does anybody like that??) and the very helpful message in capital letters, "FRONTAL RESEALABLE TAPE ZONE." Thanks, we never would have guessed ... And, yes, that stiff "frontal resealable tape zone" does crinkle.
    Does anyone have a photo of what this new printed tape zone looks like? Just curious to see before I potentially order them.


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    @Brandi: Thanks for your report on Unique Wellness...I think I'll pass on ordering them. All the advertising and some comments lead me to believe they might really be good. I'll stick with my Abena and Dry 24/7 (occasional Tranquility ATN diapers, too) along with boosters to get the best protection.

    I do think you have a good idea when trying those new products, that is, to wear your cloth diaper and plastic pants over, as backup. I've done that a few times during trial and error periods with newer products. It works!

    I've lived with bladder control issues now for over 20 years as they are neurological and caused by a lower back injury (CES Syndrome, to be exact).

    Good thing we still have the good old "cloth and vinyl" back-up system, right?

    Be well.


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