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    Well hi there Adisc.

    I guess after like 3 months of silently creeping on this site, a couple weeks of having this account, I should finally introduce myself and be a little more active on here. That being said, I know some of you a little bit already.

    I am not new to feeling younger than I am, after about mid childhood I don't think I ever really grew up past that point. I still play with toys. Plushies cover my bed. I've always worn cartoon shirts and other things that look like they came from the kid's section. Hell, I even have a pair of velcro light up shoes. I watch pretty much nothing but cartoons. If you go into my room it's like you're walking into a kids room.

    I'm also not new to diapers as I was also a bedwetter on and off my entire life. I still do wet occasionally, but only every once in awhile due to stress or after I haven't slept in a few days then finally hibernate for like 12 hours, or drink nyquil or swallow sleeping pills. They mess with my bladder and make my sleeping patterns even worse than they are. I don't wet enough to wear every night, but I have grown to like diapers so I wear just for the fun of it and when I do have an accident, I can rest easy knowing I'm covered. :3

    And the thing is, I like wetting the bed when it happens. -woah never admitted that to anyone before- I keep a lot of things to myself so I don't really know how to express myself about subjects like these. I always feel awkward, but I really am trying.

    I guess I just like feeling younger, my biggest fear is growing older. I knew I wasn't the only one like this, I've seen things on Tumblr and certain "diaper reviews" on YouTube, those god awful T.V. shows made for shock value. Might I say that is part of why I didn't come out earlier. I just don't want people to view me as I view others like me. I'm glad I found a place like this that isn't sexual and doesn't have that creepy vibe like other places have.

    Speaking of coming out, I actually came out to my 2 best friends. It went rather well, I knew they would accept me no matter what, but it was nice to just tell someone, ya know. I feel much better about myself. So that's why I sort of wanted to start an account here, just to talk, feel reassured, and feel less alone.

    I may be a minority here, I'm not actually an AB, I'm more of an adult kid, if anything. I like stuff made for kids, but not so much for babies. But still, I find so much in common with a lot of you.

    Umm, I guess that's it for my introduction for now. I could ramble on about this forever, but I like to make things short and to the point. Also, gonna go make dinner. Later guys. Have a good whatevertimeitisofthedaywhereyouare!

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    Very nice introduction! Thanks for joining and contributing. I'm sure we will see more of you around here. What's your bowling average?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    Very nice introduction! Thanks for joining and contributing. I'm sure we will see more of you around here. What's your bowling average?
    Hi, Zipperless! Nice to meet you. My bowling average is roughly around 160-170. I'm a 2 handed bowler, actually. It makes it easier on my wrist and it's kinda fun with all those revolutions on the ball. I'm not on a league at the moment, unfortunately, my bowling ally shut down. ;-;

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    I haven't bowled in awhile either. My average with a handicap was right around yours. I broke 200 for the first time in my life two years ago. I have no idea how since I was using a house ball.

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    I do well with house balls, surprisingly. They are so inconsistent sometimes, though, depending on the ball. I jumped up from like 100 average to like 140/150 when I got my tzone ball. It has such a smooth ark into the pocket and it hits hard as well with my rev rate as high as it is. People tell me to get a performance ball, but... I dunno, I just dislike most high performance balls on the market today, they are just too jumpy for me, come in at weird angles, I have to throw them at like 20 mph to not go all the way to brooklyn. I DON'T LIVE THERE!

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    My last custom ball was years ago. I don't even know if I could handle a performance ball.

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    They're not too bad, they're kind of expensive though.
    Another reason I like just a simple plastic ball.
    This is the ball I have and where I got it from:
    Brunswick T Zone Purple Bliss Bowling Balls FREE SHIPPING
    The design on mine has more white and glows under black lights. It looks really cool going down the lane.

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    That looks awesome! I only did black light bowling once. That would be a good one to use.

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    Welcome! Brilliant introduction. You're absolutely right that this site doesn't feel all icky and sexual like some places. And you're even more right about how television has made it seem so wrong, for lack of a better word. To the point where almost everyone I've told has taken their negative views on my infantilism from one of those wretched shows. But ADISC is a place where we know the whole truth about it. Anyway, enjoy yourself!

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    Hi, Greeniebell. I'm liking this place more and more. Everyone seems so nice and willing to talk about things seriously and help others, it's a nice little community here. And yeah, I don't even know why they are even "coming out" as an AB/DL on T.V. in the first place. They're just exploiting them for entertainment and shock value, nothing else. It almost makes me think they are either really, really dumb or actors. I know some people go to extremes like that, but we're not all just some dumb baby wannabes that just sit in their crib all day buying their diapers they poop in and tons of toys with the welfare check they just got in the mail. We're people like everyone else with day jobs and/or go to school. We just like to feel young, is that so wrong? Meh.

    But anyway, thanks for replying, Greeniebell.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I go to the bowling alley the next city over every month or so. On Tuesday nights it's like 9 bucks a person for 3 hours after league. They have cosmic bowling (with black lights and lasers) and this ball is perfectttt.

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