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    Default Hi From A Brit

    Just a line to introduce myself. I realise age doesn't matter, but I do know a little about what's been going on with ABDL's here in the UK for quite a few years.

    I'm sure many here feel like me that we've been left behind & ignored in all the changes in sexual politics over more than 50 years. Yes, there have been some TV programmes so the public are probably better informed. I do feel some anger at this because I think more could be done. I'd like the public to know that we simply have a sexual preference like gays, TV's people into BDSM and all the rest. I also realise that this will be hard to achieve, and people may have very different views about how to go about this.

    A few other things about me include I've loved animals all my life and had dogs for many years. I'm not an activist but I've been a veggie most of my life & feel strongly about the welfare of farm animals. Change is on the way - tho' not nearly fast enough - as a new generation of researcher's are making the extremely strong case for animals being conscious, intelligent beings who feel a wide range of emotions and deserve to be respected as such. Mark Bekoff and Johnathon Balcombe are among the leaders in this field and I'd certainly recommend their books.

    You won't be surprised to hear I'm concerned about the environment as well. It's been pretty depressing to see the post World War II prosperity undermined & eaten away by 'neo-liberalism' and the enormous multinational companies who seem to lay waste to everything they touch and impoverish people while making fortunes for themselves. I do photography as well, and I've tried to incorporate these themes into my (very unconventional) work.

    I'm a pessimist, global warming will be the biggest disaster, and we'll be fortunate if any form of civilisation survives. I doubt if my re-useable nappies will make much difference either way!

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    Welcome to ADISC from another fellow Brit and a well written intro may I say. There is not much of an organised effort amongst AB/DL folk in the UK but there are pockets of community in London especially.

    Greetings from Sussex.

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    I'm not for politics or paying attention to being screwed by anyone with more money than me (which includes almost everyone). I get a 1 vote every four years for a president and after that the election it is done. I then accept the outcome and move on. I have many more important things to do.

    I too am a vegetarian, but for a very different reason than you. I am a biologist. I've also worked as an astronomer and analytical chemist. But that's beside the point.
    I have done many, many, many experiments on various species of animals. I don't eat meat because after dissecting too many live and dead animals on top of live human and dead human parts I just don't find little bit and pieces of dead animals very appetizing. I don't tell you this to offend, but there are a lot of people from a lot of walks of life here.

    I hope you find the companionship here you desire. I've only been here a short while and have found acceptance. A rare commodity offline.

    As far as global warming goes. I suggest you buy some land that is about 25 feet above sea level and as far from the water as possible. Then use it and enjoy it and leave to your kids or friends in your will. Eventually someone will have beachfront property. Land is always a good investment ...and your a realist not a pessimist (as far as I can see).

    Take care Darent!

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    Default Thanks RouteLeader

    Thanks for your friendly welcome, very nicely expressed. I've never felt any need to get into organised ABDL events - maybe that was a mistake. By some odd warp in time I'm now the wrong side of 60, and not in the best of health so it's unlikely now, though I'm in Kent & very close to London

    I'm feeling rather surprised to be here & my intro was the result of some 'encouragement', very much off the top of my head, and my personal feelings aren't evidence that there's a need for any more to be done. I certainly need much more time to think, and to digest the wealth of information here before I consider making any suggestions!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks for your welcome! My intro wasn't meant to be political in any way, just to convey some idea of what my interests are, and I think what you say shows that our common interests & concerns far outweigh any differences in outlook. Global warming won't be any problem to me personally as by the time it becomes serious I'll be long gone, and I've no children or close relatives to worry about.

    I'm saddened by the prospect because I think our civilisation is wonderful in many ways, with our many fascinating and useful discoveries in the sciences and the beautiful artistic traditions that have developed in almost every culture we know about. Unfortunately, we seem to to make use of so many of our technologies in the most destructive possible fashion.

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    I too am getting older (54). Last year I had a hip replacement as a result of the misconception of indestructability as a teenager.
    As far as politics go I'm ok with pretty much everyone's view. Violent and mean people are far worse than someone that just disagrees with me.

    I feel very similar about global warming. I've been a scientist all my life. I have worked as a biomedical researcher, an astronomer, and an analytical chemist. I've also taught college courses in all three subject. What saddens me the most is when individuals stick to ignorant opinions in the face of physical evidence that demonstrates the true nature of the problem. I think things will get worse before they get better, but I don't really think this will bring down the human race, but will reshape civilization as we know it with painful struggles and global repercussions. My hope is that the changes are for the best, because I'm sure I won't be around when it all breaks lose.

    After studying what's above my head and below my feet I really this this is an amazing planet...literally the ONLY vacation spot in the solar system.
    I hope humans don't screw it up for all the other wonderful organisms that still live here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RouteLeader View Post
    Welcome to ADISC from another fellow Brit and a well written intro may I say. There is not much of an organised effort amongst AB/DL folk in the UK but there are pockets of community in London especially.

    Greetings from Sussex.
    Hi from London - glad to meet ya, best of luck making new friends, I have met folks in London, as Route has mentioned. However this is not a meeting site but please PM me, once you are established, and I am happy to introduce you to other sites where there is an active scene.

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