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    My current job is letting me work from home. I received a package of Bambinos yesterday and it has been pure bliss since then. I can't wear 24/7 because I haven't come out to my SO about it. But the days have really been awesome. Wish I could live like this all the time

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    Unfortunately my company can barely pay me at the moment let alone a new person. But hopefully that will change in the coming months.

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    I know that I've been trying to find Work-from-Home jobs, but most of them are scams. I think if you want "the real deal" you need to have worked in the field for a few years before your boss would even think about allowing you to do it.

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    Ya, this is a start up with some seed money and in my particular case work from home = we can't afford/not willing to pay for office space right now. But after doing this for months, with all the different ways to stay connected, having a traditional office doesn't really seem all that important. I'm sure I'll feel different when/if the company gets bigger.

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    the main drawback is my cat can be a pretty harsh task master.

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