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Thread: Cool ABDL site I found!

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    Default Cool ABDL site I found!

    I just found this today. Might even consider buying something from them.

    Abdl T-Shirts, Abdl Gifts, Art, Posters, and more

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    They do have some really neat stuff on there.

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    Zazzle aren't an ABDL site, they just do loads of t-shirts for all kinds of people/participants of interesting lifestyles...and it's not just t-shirts, they do hoodies, badges and wristbands! p.s they may also do mugs but I'm not sure!

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    Nice site but the spanish version almost made me kill myself!! lol

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    Nice shirts. Would you (anyone) buy one and wear it in public? If you saw someone with one on would you approach him/her? Personally, I would not wear one in public but I might be interested in saying hello to someone who did.

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    Now I would probably buy one of them, but only to wear it around the house, not in public! I'd be nervous about approaching anyone that was wearing one.

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    I would say something like "Cute t-shirt", give a wink and walk away.

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    If I'd see somebody wearing I would assume the person secretly wihes to make such an encounter and certainly try to say hello and somewhat share the fact that I have this ABDL side, I think it would be nice even if the encounter is brief with no tomorrow

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