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Thread: Am I the only one?

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    Default Am I the only one?

    Obviously, any diaper that fits is a great diaper. I've always felt more drawn to baby diapers(pampers,Luvs,Goodnites etc.). Maybe it's because I've yet to get a chance to try adult diapers, and I was wondering. Is this a normal thing to feel more attracted to specific type(baby diapers, adult diapers), or is it just because I haven't tried adult diapers yet?

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    Hmm. I consider myself a DL, although I have slight AB tendencies. When I first started getting hold of diapers, I would only go for the babyish ones and I loved that I could fit in them because I was a skinny kid. Although now I am forced to go for adult ones as I am older, I still miss the look/smell of baby diapers. Of course there are premium brands that make replica baby diapers, somehow they do not feel right. I'm sure many feel the same. That is probably why there is a large demand for Pampers to make an adult size but I don't think that will happen any time soon, if not ever.

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    I love wearing baby Nappies and pull ups, its a satisfying feeling being able to wear them and it really helps me get in touch with my small side, I love the prints colors and even the packaging, but adult Nappies are better for obvious reasons I would say indulge in both and have fun.

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    Yeah, I vastly prefer goodnites and the like to medical-looking "briefs." It's a common thing among us DLs.

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    I prefer babyish looking diapers over adult or medical looking ones. I love abenas based on their comfort and quality, but i wont wear them ever just because they are too "adult diaper" looking. My two favorite diapers to wear are Bambinos and Cushies, despite cushies being a high-priced, slightly more efficient Depends.

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    I don't really like pull ups or baby diapers. They don't hold enough and I prefer adult diapers. I had a weird dream I fit into a size four Huggies. There are AB adult diapers so I wear the ABU Sissies. The rest are expensive. I hear the Sissies hold as much as Super Dry Kids and Cushies but when I tried those, they didn't hold a lot but I had better luck with Sissies.

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    I only like wearing Baby diapers also. I tried some Depends once and I felt disgusted :/. I like feeling cute and squishy x)

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    Sometimes it can be a subconscious appeal to some diaper that you maybe wore as a child or identify the most with. For myself, diapers aren't the only things that do that. I find myself drawn to different toddler decals involving cars planes and trucks. Never much liked animals, dinosaurs, or boats as a kid, so now I'm naturally more inclined to find prints like cars appealing instead of the other types of decals. Not to say I'm not warming up to other prints, but I have this identity that I'm discovering which represents my AB side and there are definitely certain toys, pictures, shows, etc. that evoke those emotional appeals to me. Even the word Huggies brings me back to childhood because it was the prominent diaper brand used in my household. So it makes perfect sense to me that certain brands or types of diapers would appeal to you more than others.

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    Not at all. I can't fit into baby diapers, but I collect them and use them as stuffers. The AB diapers haven't quite captured the look and feel of baby diapers and training pants just yet.

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    Thanks for all the replies. I know we'll never see Pampers/huggies/luvs make adult sized diapers, but hopefully sometime in the future we see adult diapers look more identical to baby diapers. I mean, I wouldn't think it would be that hard to do. But I'm not in those shops that make adult diapers so who knows haha.

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