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Thread: What to do with my old diaper pail fraternity rosters

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    Default What to do with my old diaper pail fraternity rosters

    Hello, I have about 45 years worth of the rosters leftover, from my old DPF days. My dilemma is, I'm anticipating moved to St. Louis and I'm scared to fly or take the bus with these for fear of someone that is narrowminded opening my luggage and seeing them. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks☺️

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    Shipping them usps the day you leve you will get there first befor them.

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    At sounds like that idea, but I'm looking into a roommate or long-term hotel situation until I get settled in St. Louis a little bit more. I am so deathly afraid of someone opening a box for my luggage and discovering these and God alone knows what could happen to me I am just so scared nowadays.

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    Out of curiosity, what precisely do these rosters actually contain (in general, I don't want/need specifics)? If they're like other rosters I've seen, it's just a list of names with little other identifying information.

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    Well, it contains some pictures from adult baby parties, roster listings, and lots of stories about the lifestyle. I'm so scared transported across state lines and fear breaking some kind of stupid narrowminded law.

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    It doesn't sound like it would be anything ilegal from what you said it contains.

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    Seal them in brown shipping paper and label the parcel as "private documents" or "privacy act information". Use heavy box tape to seal them up. For extra security, do a second layer of brown shipping paper and heavy tape. Use the brown paper tape so you can write over the edge of the tape and partially on the paper so you can see if the tape has been tampered. This will severely limit who would want to open it. Besides, what is wrong with having them anyway? They were mailed out across state lines already; sounds like the pictures are less obscene than some porn magazines anyway. Just don't label them as porn, someone may be too tempted to verify the contents then...

    Regarding security, check the security requirements for buses. I believe bus stations do not have TSA checking bags and may require you to put your bags on the bus yourself. If this is still the case, no one will open or check your bag and you will not have any concerns.

    How much paper is your collection of rosters? Could it be time to digitize them and go paperless? Can you store them somewhere for a while? If you are moving anyway, perhaps a moving and storage company may be useful until you get a proper place. They could reduce how much luggage you have to carry and would keep it safe until you are ready for it. I am not familiar with interstate movers and minimum quantities, but they may be worthwhile especially considering airline luggage cost. Not sure about bus luggage fees, but they may also charge for excess baggage. Depending on how much you have to move, carrying everything in your luggage may be costly.

    Good luck with your move.

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    Since you will get to St Louis quicker than they will. I would ship them UPS and have them held for pick up at a UPS facility.
    That way you can pick up the package and nobody will know what's in it.

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    I scanned my old DPF roster made a couple encrypted DVDs using truecrypt.
    TrueCrypt - FAQ (answers to frequently asked questions)

    As a last backup i also have a encrypted flash drive copy.

    when i die no one will be able to open these and find out about my DL life.

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