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Thread: High School (Padded)

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    Default High School (Padded)

    What should a good idea at high school be with diapers? Here are my questions!

    1. What to wear over.
    2. What to wear (premium diapers)
    3. What about gym class and such?

    BTW I do have paypal and can buy online, however, I can only buy from
    Since I live in canada
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    Are you saying that you want to wear to school?

    It's not exactly hard to, really. The biggest problems will be: the rectangle-ish bulge coming out of your backside, the mobility issues (such as waddling) depending on what diaper you get and the loud plastic crinkling (also depending on the diaper).

    I'd plan to wear on a day that you didn't have gym class on, assuming your school was like mine, in which we had 8 classes and we took 4 a day, constantly shifting back and forth every day between the 4. I'd also go with a thinner diaper than usual, to avoid crinkling and waddling, but if all you have are nice thick premium brands, then I'd say to put underwear or something on over the diaper, to minimize the crinkling sound. Baggy/loose pants and a long shirt are also something I'd go for. The pants so they aren't tight up against the diaper, therefore they won't show any bulge from the large flat backside of the diaper, and a long shirt so it hangs down in front of your butt, also helping to hide any bulge.

    I'd advice not to wear, as I see no real point in doing so other than a quick little thrill, but it's ultimately up to you. I've just never understood the desire to wear in public before, especially not as school. If people find out about that at school, you probably wouldn't be able to live it down and they are almost certain to not forget. It would be a disaster. There have been threads about it before in the past before the 18+ ban, of high schoolers getting caught at school and being too mortified to ever go back. It's risk vs. reward. I see no reward in doing so, and the risk isn't necessarily incredibly high, but if the dice roll against your favor, then the results can be disastrous.

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    I don't recommend it. If you get caught, the backlash will be severe. Personally, I can't hold my pee for six hours - never could - and if you use your padding, you run the risk of a smell or leakage. Gym is a definite no. No privacy to change and whatever physical activity you do, the diaper is likely to come un taped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    I don't recommend it. If you get caught, the backlash will be severe. Personally, I can't hold my pee for six hours - never could - and if you use your padding, you run the risk of a smell or leakage. Gym is a definite no. No privacy to change and whatever physical activity you do, the diaper is likely to come un taped.
    I wouldn't want anyone to try to risk this EVERR, not for a thrill. Also don't diapers make your butt look a little bit more... voluptuous too? I know highschoolers aren't that observant, but they most likely will notice if your butt has expanded a few inches

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    I'm on the "don't wear at all" boat. But if you insist on such, then I'll give you some bad advice from my rebellious days in high school. Just cut gym class; one unexcused absence won't kill you, and it won't affect your grade much. I cut gym at least ten times during my senior year, and still passed with an A. But the difference is that I cut gym out of depression; cutting gym because you decided to wear a diaper to school... seems kind of silly to me.

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    I can't imagine why you would want to do this other than to humiliate yourself and be tormented for the rest of your time at that school. I don't think kids have gotten less mean in the 13 years since I graduated.

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    Meh, I don't think it's that bad if you just want to wear. Though, I would suggest a quiet cloth backed pullup if you just simply want a diaper to wear during school. Don't wet or, god forbid, mess because everyone around you WILL know after awhile. x.x Just make sure the diaper isn't too thick and wear tight fitting underwear over. If you have gym, you don't have to wear during. If they have a stall in the locker room, change in there. just stuff the diaper in the backpack and change back in if you can after. If anyone catches you, and they make fun of you for it, just simply tell them who are they to judge you for a medical problem. They shouldn't make fun of you after that, if they do, they're horrible people. Good luck if you do go through with it, though.

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    When I went to high school, you only had a single year worth of PE needed, which I took my sophomore year of high school, back when I had an iron clad bladder. As years have gone on, my bladder has gotten weaker; and although I'm not incontinent, I still have a really hard time holding. When my senior year rolled in, I started wearing plain, white diapers while I was at school because I was fearful I might legit wet myself. I always wore 'ProCare Protective Underwear' because they weren't super bulky, weren't super loud, but were absorbent enough to take in anything that I may have 'leaked' before I could get to a bathroom. And, being that I already had gym my sophomore year, I didn't need to worry about that. My recommendation, unless you NEED them, don't wear while you have gym. It'll cause needless troubles.

    As for what to wear over them? Loose denim shorts or just normal pants. Make sure they hug your waist appropriately (use a belt if necessary). Wear boxers or something over them if you're too afraid of being caught. I wore to school all the time and never got found out, even when I had small bits hanging out the top of my baggy shorts. Chances are that no one is paying enough attention to notice. That being said, don't be obnoxious with it.

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    1. I'd wear a couple things over your diaper: underwear (boxers/briefs if a dude, panties not a thong if you're a gal), a pair of shorts and sweat pants. This will help muffle the sound while at school.

    2. I'd wear goodnites because they'll fit a kid in high school. Adult diapers are too weird and loud for high school. Baby diapers like Pampers or Luvs will have too much of a baby smell, so it's probably a good idea to avoid those for a school setting. Also, it can be believable if you have wetting problems as a high schooler and wear goodnites, or that might just be my opinion.

    3. Just use your shorts under your sweats to avoid exposing your diaper!

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    I had to know what I was wearing all the time. I spent a lot of time in front of a mirror making sure I could not see any lines our even the top fringes of the diapers when I sat down. I went through high schools with only a few key people ever knowing I was incontinent. And even then they were fully supportive.

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