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Thread: Being a baby with mommy/daddy in public

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    Default Being a baby with mommy/daddy in public

    I've only had one mommy for a few months, but we did a lot of mommy-baby dates where she'd treat me like a baby and I would be wearing a diaper (Pampers is my staple diaper). We would have picnics at parks where she bring baby food and a bottle to feed me and play. We'd try to find places that weren't crowded and kind of private, cuz it was just a preference.

    I have a couple of good stories with my mommy, Kaylee. We went to the beach once for a day out and she brought her diaper bag and got some Huggies Little Swimmers for me. When we got to the beach, it was pretty empty because it was in the middle of the week. So she changed my moist Pampers and slipped a Little Swimmer with Nemo on it, but she didn't put my trunks back on. So we played in the sand and swam for a little bit, then had lunch and then went home, but she didn't change me again at the beach despite that I had gone poo poo in my swim diaper. (Also, sand + diaper = no fun, even though I had fun lol)

    Does anyone have any mommy/daddy stories like this? I'm sure I'm not the only one who does!

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    I am a parent/guardian-less ab, both irl and on the internet. But dont eat the sand, my nephew did as a toddler. He was pooping sand for a few days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuriousOne View Post
    I am a parent/guardian-less ab, both irl and on the internet. But dont eat the sand, my nephew did as a toddler. He was pooping sand for a few days.
    I cannot think of a single way to do the comfortably.

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    I haven't gotten the chance to play with my "daddy" in public, mainly because he's sort of a makeshift daddy. My daddy's my boyfriend, and I'm still trying to somewhat sink him into what being a daddy is, as he showed interest in it when I first told him about me being an AB. I told him that when he's comfortable, I want to have a full on daddy and baby day at Disneyland! Diapers and all! I'm so looking forward to it.

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    so i have a long distance girl friend and i told her i was ab but not really a dl she wasnt agianst it but she wasnt on board so ive been trying to show her my little side slowly with limited success unfortantly we can only text so we do sexting without pictures but she doesnt mind the idea of me sucking on her breast so theres something i guess

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    Personally, I could never be comfortable being babied in any remotely public area. I need to feel comfortable to regress, and I would always be worried about someone seeing. More so, I would worry about someone seeing, taking a picture, and posting online, since everyone has a camera in their pocket now.

    It would be nice though!

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    I agree with ToddlerTike. I would love to be a toddler girl in public at the beach or playground. However, in real life I could never do this. This will have to stay as a nice fantasy.

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