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    Lille Healthcare's highest absorbency premium diaper is becoming increasingly popular in many countries, especially the UK, due to its low price and high availability. I am reviewing the Lille Care Supreme Fit Maxi, which I purchased on the Incontinence Choice UK website in April 2013.

    I reviewed the medium sized diaper which fits 80-130 cm (31-51 in) waists. The large sized version fits 105-150 cm (41-59 in) waists. Lille is also one of the few brands to offer a small sized diaper which fits 60-100 cm (23-39 in) waists.

    Appearance, Size, and Features

    The front and back of the diaper both sport star logos indicating the size. The front also features an elastic waistband. There is a wetness indicator running from front to back in the center.

    Front and Back of Diaper

    To measure this diaper's thickness, I stacked 3 of these diapers on top of each other and then placed a large heavy book on top. The stack measured to be 8 cm (3.1 in) thick, meaning the thickness of a single diaper is 2.6 cm (1 in).

    3 Diaper Stack

    The Lille Supreme Fit Maxi is 80 cm (31 in) long when fully stretched out, 60 cm (23 in) wide at the wings and 30 cm (11.8 in) wide in the center.

    Front and Back of Unfolded Diaper

    The backing of the diaper includes a cloth-like cover. This is designed to feel more like regular underwear for comfort reasons. This also allows the skin to breathe a little easier, especially during the Summer, when a plastic backing would make the wearer more uncomfortable.

    The tapes are white with a small bit of green on the edge. They stick to the diaper with a mixture of Velcro and sticky adhesive. There are 2 on each side making a total of 4 tapes.

    Lillie Supreme Fit Maxi Tapes

    Performance and Fit

    To analyze the capacity of the diaper and simulate use, I put a diaper on and poured 100 mL increments of water down the front. I then sat and waited 30 seconds between each increment to check for leaks. After 1500 mL of water, I experienced a small amount of wetness at the edge of the diaper. At the 1700 mL increment, water leaked onto the chair.

    After analyzing the capacity through this method, I took it off and folded it over placing it beside a dry diaper for comparison. It had expanded to a thickness of approximately 7 cm (2.7 in).

    Dry/Wet Comparison

    I put a new diaper on and went out to test how it would hold up to my daily activities. I left it on until experiencing that almost full feeling as described above in the capacity test, feeling for the wetness at the very edge beside the legs. It lasted me 6 hours before having to change. During this period, I flooded 3 times and made 2 small minor wettings.

    The widely-used combination of the 4 tapes and elastic waistband proved again to be reliable to keep a tight fit throughout the day. The tapes themselves can be adjusted at any time due to their design elements. Even with the very tight fit I taped it at, I didn't need to adjust at all nor did any tapes fail. I would consider the tapes to be much better for staying in place than the weak and stretchy tapes on the likes of the Tena Slip line.

    The Lille Supreme Fit Maxi diaper is now cloth backed, so there is no need to worry about the crinkles. If wearing only a diaper, you will hear some sound of the material rubbing against the legs when you walk, however when worn under clothes, there is no noticeable noise at all. A common worry of cloth-backed diapers is that the material used is not fully waterproof. During my use of more than 20 packs of this diaper, I have never had a leak through the backing in my experience.

    Price and Final Thoughts

    I paid 9.49 ($14.57 US) for a pack of 20 diapers from with tax exemption (not including shipping fees). This works out at 47 pence ($0.72) per diaper. For the absorbency level, thickness, as well as the convenience of being able to pick these up for a similar price at many physical stores in the UK, this would be considered a very reasonable price compared to other diapers at the higher end of the range. Further savings can be made by buying a case at a time, or ordering a slightly lower absorbency level.

    This is one of the cheapest diapers to be considered premium out there. Despite the fact that the Lille Supreme Fit Maxi is now cloth-backed, it is still very absorbent, consistent in quality, reasonably thick and has good quality tapes that will not come undone during regular activity. I would consider this diaper to be good all-around.
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