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    After reading up and realizing I am not the only person who is a diaper lover I am so pleased I can be comfortable in doing what feels right to me.

    I have a few concerns though, I don't want my parents finding out and I only want to wear diapers when I am in the house/ going somewhere I know I can change easily. I work part time and wouldn't have a changing facility so I need to use the bathroom on certain occasions, maybe I could wear them but toilet myself when I need to go. Is this possible?

    Thanks all x

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    Welcome to adisc moonbeam :3 and yeah it can be hard to hide diapers from parents (really depends on how they are)

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    I've been looking online & came across this website, TENA Slip Plus Large Incontinence Pads - Deliver Net Ltd. just wondering if anyone has used them before?

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    Well, first of all, welcome to the forum. Second, be sure not to make your hiding place too obvious (under the bed, for instance). It mostly depends on how invasive your parents are. And third, of course you can wear them without actually using them; some people find it slightly more difficult to hold it in while diapered (considering you've conditioned yourself to wet in them regularly), but it's nothing insurmountable. You're at a healthy age, so if you simply will yourself to hold it in, you'll be fine.

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    Absolutely you can wear them without using them. If you're just starting out it should be very easy to hold it in since you're probably not used to wetting away from a toilet. I'm fairly new to it too and it still can be hard for me to stop holding it in when I'm wearing a diaper.

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    Well when I lived with my parents I wore at night secretly. When everyone had gone to bed I would get a diaper from my secret hidden stash and get padded up and then before school or college I would slip the wet diaper into my school bag, dispose it discreetly in a public bin/trashcan.

    I did this until I moved out and now I can wear casually around the house. I understand it's annoying as hell to be an AB/DL living with parents. I have been caught at least 3 or 4 times by them and it is horrible. Where is your hiding place for your stash?

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    I haven't used the Tena Slips (kinda want to try them), but I've heard they are an excellent diaper. You can find several reviews of them around if you're unsure if you want them.

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    Welcome, and hope you find exactly what you're looking for here! As far as hiding places, the best places are normally things that don't look out of place. Like an old backpack or gym bag in your closet; nobodies going to notice a backpack stuffed in your closet unless they're really snooping. Just be smart with where you're hiding them. Just because you're wearing one, doesn't automatically you have use them. The only problem you might come across, is fighting the urge to want to use them. Welcome again!

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    I have not tied the "plus" version but have used the "maxi" version, (plastic backed,) and like them a lot. They are just a bit too pricy here in the USA to use them for every day use.

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    One thing that makes me pleased about living on my own is I don't have to hide anything.I can wear them and wet myself anywhere I want and just be at peace with myself.

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