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Thread: First Diaper of 2009

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    Default First Diaper of 2009

    So, the new year is finally here, even after that extra second they added. What will be your first diaper of 2009? Hopefully we'll all be kicking it off with something good.

    For me, it's going to be a Dry 24/7 which I'll probably be in shortly .

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    One of my MOlicare Super Plus diapers. Already used, taken off me, folded up and in the trash can. But then, I'm 6 hours ahead of you


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    I'm still in the Secure X-Plus I put on for work. I'll change at home in a couple hours.

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    I'm still wearing the rite-aid overnight pullup that I wore to bed, though I'll probably switch to a dry 24/7 in a bit.

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    Same cloth diaper and plastic pants for me. I started the new year off as I intend for all of 2009.

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    The same here for me cloth diapers and plastic pants. I hope 2009 will be a great diaper filled year for all of us.

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    I rung in the new year wearing THE wettest Molicare you would ever see in your life. It was epic.. Then I slept in it. And I just woke up and it was even more wet. So mine was a very happy new years indeed.

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