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Thread: Rip while sleeping

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    Default Rip while sleeping

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone else had had experiences similar to mine. The last few times I've slept in a Molicare Super Plus, the inside has torn, and I've ended up with the gel beads all over my butt. Anyone know why this happens? Has this happened to you with other diapers? Know how to keep it from happening?

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    I've only had the outside of an Abriform rip apart on me while I was sleeping. I woke up, routinely touched my butt to check for leaks and wondered why it had a cloth-like feeling to it similar to my bed sheets even though the diaper's plastic. CLoser inspection revealed a tear in the diaper right down the middle of the back, about 10-15 cm long. Fortunately, the back was mostly dry, so the gel hadn't fallen out.


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    Yeah, I've had the outside rip on a rare occasion and I generally attribute this to taping it on too tight. I'm assuming that if it's too tight, the diaper would have the possibility of splitting similarly to if I was to wear pants that were too small, the seam on the seat could split.

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    i sometimes wear underjams and they constantly rip on the side... im glad that it doesnt rip in the middle otherwise all the gel will come out!

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    Butterfly Mage


    I can fit into medium size but I usually wear a large in order to prevent that sort of thing from happening.

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    Got something sharp in your pants diaper, hmm?

    Anyway, I've never had tearing problems with the Molicare Super Plus. At least to me it seemed that vinyl-like plastic outer layer was very durable, as was the fabric inside. Methinks you just got a dodgy diaper.

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    Yeah I wear molicare super plusses to bed usually...and just 2 days ago, I woke up and, obviously my diaper was thoroughly soaked (I trained myself to be nighttime incontinent :] ) but there was another feeling and it wasn't poop, so i reached in and pulled my hand out and it was all covered in the gel bead thingys....I was like "oohhhh, shite". I had to shower good to get those off, man. Not a very pleasant way to wake up either. I like waking up to a wet diaper...I DONT however like waking up to absorbing gel up my bum...:P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    Got something sharp in your pants diaper, hmm?
    Tommy Pickles from Rugrats ALWAYS had a plastic screwdriver inside of his diaper. Nearly like Doctor Who and his Sonic Screwdriver.

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    im wondering if maybe tommy's screwdriver might have been a reffrence to dr who...
    and if someone has said that b4 im sorry lol.

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    I haven't had anything but pinholes, and those occurred after I did... something, after that I can't wear anyway.

    Never had any sleep problems even with a tight, very wet one that was too small for Mr Alex.

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