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    So to make a short story long... i bought 4 bellissimos with christmas money and due to my present housing situation, i've only been able to use water in them.
    My first diaper i laid on the floor and poured water evenly over the padding with a 1 liter bottle.
    After 6 (that right 6!) Liters of water it finally stopped absorbing.
    But anyway i have a question...
    How long can i safely wear a water filled bellissimo that is stored in a dark cool place? (closet)

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    Quote Originally Posted by d3vian7 View Post
    So to make a short story long... "..."..."
    How long can i safely wear a water filled bellissimo that is stored in a dark cool place? (closet)
    No way to tell for sure... mold or mildew may become a problem rather soon

    ...not to mention bacteria and Anaerobic bacteria may be possible...there are a number of things from the air that can cause this...and if you've worn them too...

    There are simply too many variables to say for certain... may never be a problem...may be a big problem...

    You are on your own, use discretion...spin the 'wheel'...sorry...

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    I wouldn't worry about it too much. Once you put it on, wear it, and take it off a few times (at most) it's gonna fall apart, or tear, or the tapes won't stick. Unless you are talking about going many days weeks between uses, I think the diaper will become unwearable before it becomes unsafe. Err, uh . . .probably.
    You don't want to mess with mildew/bacteria/yeast around your private parts, especially not if you are a girl. If you notice any discoloration/smell at all, you should toss it. Maybe try a TINY amount of bleach in the water, like a few drops total. If you used too much, you risk irritating or burning your skin, but a small amount of bleach probably wouldn't harm you, and would slow or stop mildew & bacteria from forming.
    Skin irritation really isn't a serious risk- it will go away. What is scary is the potential of making a breeding/fermenting environment where something nasty grows. Yeast, mold and bacteria are everywhere in nature- we are constantly exposed, and usually they are present in small enough concentrations that they don't pose a risk. But imagine if the wet/dark diaper happened to provide an environment where one of these might multiply and get more concentrated, then you take that "infected" diaper and wrap it around your private bits. Imagine that "infection" making its way into your body . . . not good.
    So, maybe try to max your enjoyment of each of your diapers by wearing them 2 or 3 times a couple of days apart, but don't try and keep them a really long time.

    Just one final paranoid thought- don't try to seal them up airtight. You are not going to stop mildew/bacteria/yeast from getting to the diaper- they are already there, especially for sure if you have already worn them. What you might do is provide an environment where Anaerobic Bacteria (as mentioned by Marka) might grow (anaerobic means stuff that grows in environments where there is no oxygen). Anaerobic Bacteria= seriously scary/deadly shit. For example, Botulism is the waste product of one particular anaerobic bacterium . . .

    So, um- Good luck on improving on your "present housing situation"

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    So, let me get this straight. You're letting a diaper (a piece of clothing capable of afflicting unbearable fungal infections by itself) filled with six liters of tap water sit around in a room temperature environment, allowing it to collect all kinds of fungi with the intent to wear it afterwards... Have fun. :P

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    Actually... lol

    I've done this once with an Abena M2, when I could fit in them. Poured water until it couldn't take much more, which was a lot, surprisingly. Wore it on and off for 3 days, tapes finally broke while jogging. Don't know exactly why, just something I tried for SCIENCE! The bacteria could be an issue, but nothing your skin can't take if it's used to a wet, not so sterile, environment. Sill though, to be safe, I would definitely suggest powder or a cream to protect skin and get out of the diaper every 5-6 hours or so to air out. Your diaper would probably give out before any skin problems arise if you take the measures to take care of your skin. I'd say, try for yourself, I got to 3 days.

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    Surely there must be a way to preserve a diaper. How about keeping it in an air-tight sandwich bag while not in use? I would suggest sticking it in the fridge to keep it 'fresh', but i'm assuming you live with people so this wouldn't be desirable.

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    I really appreciate all the great responses you guys have!
    The diaper has been filled for around 2 weeks now... everything is attached and the tapes still haven't worn out. I added 3 size 3 baby diapers as stuffers and watered them too. As of now i have a rather thick diaper that i can use whenever i feel compelled. I should mention though... unless i have no plans to leave my room for a few hours, i only keep the diaper on for 30min- 1hr.
    Anyway... keep the responses coming!
    I'm really liking the different views that i definitely wouldn't have thought of myself.

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