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    I'm enjoying myself right now! All family members away and it's just me in the of course I'm just in a nappy and a t-shirt and I'm loving it! I'm nearly three hours in which is awesome and after posting this I'll put on supper and do a messy-change into my third nappy, three in an evening! Yes I know I'm really living 'the life' (ha ha) right now. My ID Expert Slips are running out, I won't one-use a tena slip (they are like gold dust now with everything that's been going on with them) and i only ordered in 10 cuddlz which arrived today...what to wear! Any one out there on-site living an evening like this or have you perhaps experienced one? BMS

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    it's 20/02/14 and I'm going to call this Blissful Evening 2. The rest of my family's away til tomorrow morning - that's guaranteed - and I've been going about the house getting on with my usual nothing but a nappy! I started at half past Six earlier (and will remain in extreme DL mode til bed time) this evening so its been a good long time already...time to go and finish Ratatouille (the movie) with perhaps a biscuit!

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    Going to bed at 01:15 afta long nappy-related evening, will remember for a while!

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    I can relate! When my parents are out of the house, I drink a million litres or gallons and eat a whole bunch, and then, I cannot stop going! LOL my dream

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    I live on my own so I can wear and wet nappies to my hearts content.Its great.I love sitting on my couch or armchair in front of the TV or computer in a nice warm wet nappy.I love also to pose in front of the mirror before and after wetting.

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    Well I wear around my dorm room all the time with my DL roommate. Just hanging out in diapers and t-shirts is the complete freedom that feels awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lozza1979 View Post
    I love also to pose in front of the mirror before and after wetting.
    Yes, yes my friend! I'm a bit of a mirror hog as well but you have got to wrench yourself away or the true fun can't begin!

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