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Thread: Thick or Thin what do you prefer?

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    Default Thick or Thin what do you prefer?

    Just wondering what everyone prefers

    when at home to cut down on changes I use thick one. I use Abena m-4 with liner.the liner is made from pull up underwear from tena if you take the underwear the liner inside will pull right out and it makes a great liner. when out in public i just use a Abena m-4. would lover to hear from others on this subject.

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    I love thick nappies (sorry, I'm from the UK - but you probably guessed because of my accent...ha ha) because they give such comfort, not only that but if I'm wearing in front of excepting family members (this sometimes happens) a thick nappy'll better hide the trusty sausage *raises eyebrow*...yeah me family members may be excepting but I don't want to end up in a facial red cheeks situation!!!!. If a nappy's too thin I'll double up and the only thin nappy I except without doubling is the plastic-backed tena slip - the fact I'm wearing quality always quashes the lack of comfort factor where my tena slips are concerned. Hope this info' interests you. bringmesunshine

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    Well if im gonna go outside (yes i do go outside sometimes xD) i use a Tena Slip Super cause its pretty thin (in my opinion atleast) but when im only wearing at home i use an abena M4 cause its not too expensive (as other thick diapers) but i prefer to get diapers as thick as possible :3

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    At home I like thick such, as Abena M's, Bambino, Molicare Super Plus etc. For going out Unique Wellness Superio is now my go to diaper. They are thin when dry, plastic is quiet, the fit is perfect, and their leakage protection is second to none.

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    I prefer different things for the headspace I'm looking for at the particular moment in time. But to be honest I would prefer thin over thick. For some reason it reminds me of today's baby diapers: relatively thin and cloth backed. Now that's not to say I don't love myself an old school thick plastic disposable every once in a while, but I was never raised in cloth diapers so the bulk doesn't really remind me of my childhood as much as just having that 'little extra protection' wrapped around me.

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    Plus, I like to have some 'throw-away' diapers to play in very briefly then toss without batting an eyelash. When I have a thick expensive high quality diaper, I am much more apt to want to stretch that thing to its limits so I don't see myself throwing money away. But buying some thin cheap diapers just to play with quickly has it's appeal to me in the sense that I can treat it like an actual diaper and not something that I'm constantly counting.

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    I only really need to wear at night, and then sometimes I wear during the day while I'm at home. But since I only need them at night, I really need them thick enough that they won't leak.

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    Although it's situation dependent, I tend to find thinner diapers more comfortable. The kicker is that I'm not always in it for comfort. If that was the only measure, I'd likely just be wearing regular underpants as I typically find them more comfortable. Higher capacity is nice but not critical as my bladder can go for some time, so it's really more about situation. I have found that I prefer thicker if someone else is doing the diapering.

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    Thick but i will settle for a ATN if founds get low

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