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Thread: Dry nites 2014

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    Default Dry nites 2014

    Dose anyone think we will be seeing new designs for the 8-15 drynites this year ??
    Any Ideas what they will change this time ??

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    You seen to know a lot Bby, are there any Dry Nites variants with fastening tapes? bringmesunshine p.s sorry if this is a bit off topic

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    Hi not that I no of although I saw a post the other day about drynites in Korea and they had Velcro strips in the middle of the side panels
    Like the huggies pull ups range
    Although I've never seen them my self

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    The ones in Korea always seem to be different. If you google search korea goodnites it shows older models in size M & L not m-l & l-xl. The velcro would be better so they can be taken off and on without taking pjs off.

    Goodnites Trufit (a new product) are coming to America around April from a post I seen a few weeks ago so should be the same for U.K

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    Drynites have been the same for a very long time. I would not expect to see changes any time soon.

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    /\ I hope that was not a pun.

    But openable sides eh? More effort to make the Child feel more like a baby I guess.

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    I'd like to see them change to be more kiddie underwear like with cartoons on all of them, just not the small ones

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