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    I have a pretty good hiding spot that nobody has found but I'm starting to doubt its overall effectiveness. It's only a 1x1x1 foot box (just a guess on the size) labeled "storage" at the top of my closet because my stash usually fits inside of it.
    If I were to ever end up in a situation where I would be moving or sorting through my stuff with another person it would definitely be found. Does anyone have any good hiding spots that I could try instead of my current one?

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    Get a bigger box and put the storage box along with a few more boxes inside that. The trick there is redundancy, if someone were to go looking for some random item and opened the first box, they'd have to have reason to believe that there's stuff in the second box. You could even change the label from "storage" to "clothes" or something like that and put a folded shirt or two on top of the diapers to give one more layer of protection in case anyone went looking.

    Then since it's not a bit harder to get to and the biggest enemy in all of this is lazyness, get a second hiding place (like in a bag in a drawer or something) where you can hold just a few diapers. That way you're not constantly disturbing your main hiding place every time you want one.

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    Put a combination lock on it? That hugely adds security in a simple way. But that may not be possible. I have no diapers, but store my ab things in a chest about that size. But for all i know your box is cardboard. In such a case, use the above advice.

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    When we moved it was the same I had mine in a few different hidden small places. Habit I had from when I was younger in case it was found and taken...
    So what I did we out it in a cardboard box that was for like those double or triple size cereal boxes and condensed as much as possible and had it all taped up so when we moved no one had any reason to look in it but if they would have it looked different than the other boxes so I knew which one to keep my eye on

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuriousOne View Post
    Put a combination lock on it? That hugely adds security in a simple way. But that may not be possible.
    The only issue with that is that then someone who discovers it might wonder what you've got in the box that makes you feel the need to lock it. If it's not bolted to the floor, then it's obviously nothing valuable (could be carried off and smashed open at leisure).

    Though a workable idea for a non-obvious lock might be a suitcase with an integrated lock. It doesn't look like someone is trying to hide something in it, and can always be explained as "that piece of luggage that I keep around in hopes that I might one-day remember the combination for it".

    I guess a lot of this sort of thing really depends on what kind of people you're trying to hide it from.

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