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Thread: how much has your diaper held

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    Default how much has your diaper held

    ive done 3 full cups of water and the 4th flooded my goodnights

    list diaper and how much it held!

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    Hmm. I had like.. 6 wettings from my Lille Supreme once, but I need an entire day to do that and I am always too busy.

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    I had 5 wettings in a wellness superio one night. It was so heavy and swelled, I didn't want to take a chance on it leaking. Was surprised to know that they could hold that much though, I was really giving them a beating.

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    I wear the best brand ever, Nufit (a First Quality brand) it holds on the average two light wettings or a good sized one. Recently I have been using pampers cruises size 5 as a doubler, and I've increased it to double if not more in absorbencey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChubbyMower View Post
    I wear the best brand ever, Nufit (a First Quality brand)
    you broke my sarcasm detector

    On topic: At least one of every kind of diaper I've tried has been subjected to a bath, so that kind of breaks the maximum for all of them.

    I once had the house to myself for two weeks and used the opportunity to basically go 24/7 and keep track of diaper usage. Unfortunately I tossed the spreadsheet, but by bagging and weighing each used diaper and then subtracting the average weight of a dry one, I was able to determine that the practical absorbency of a medium molicare was approximately double that of a depends fitted.

    If I ever get the house to myself like that again, I'll definitely do a lot more extensive testing that way.

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    Between the Bambino Bellissimo and the Dry 24/7 diapers I have to say at least 6 good wettings before leakage.

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    I'll start off explaining that I NEVER use a single adult diaper, but I enjoy extended wearing with extreme high capacity diaper ensembles.

    On average I wear a diaper change for 5-7 hours on average with 64 ounce (typical) to 128 ounces of urine. As no single disposable product has this capacity, I accomplish this on a regular basis by using an adult brief with multiple diapers modified as boosters.

    This is what my typical diaper change consists of:

    I use this system for about 5-6 hour between a diaper change.

    A Eurobrief plastic backed Disposable Adult Brief over

    (All modified as boosters):

    2 Prevail PerFit Maximum Absorption Briefs
    2 Eurobriefs plastic backed
    A Prevail ProCare Protective Underwear

    All of these covered with 3 Fruit of the Loom white briefs
    and a Salk Pull-on Sani-Pants.

    This combo can hold up to 128 Ounces.
    Costs me about $.60 a diaper change.

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    Recently ii got a bellissimo to hold approximately 6 liters of water.... it was very heavy and very thick

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