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Thread: Looking and feeling younger

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    Default Looking and feeling younger

    Are there any more secretive ways to do so? Like for girls I would think putting your hair in pig tails might... but I am not too sure when it comes to guys... Any ideas?

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    Shaving my hair in the diaper area makes me feel younger but that's about it when it comes to body stuff

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    My little mode fails to notice or care about pubic hair, so I really don't understand how shaving it would matter.

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    For me, I suppose, it's wearing toddlerish clothing.

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    I tend to consider being little as sort of a disassociation from one's body. If you can bring yourself to a little state of mind, the body usually doesn't matter.

    But if you find that hard to do, using lotion/powder to make your skin softer makes me feel little!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyToddler View Post
    Me too! Wearing toddlerish clothing makes me feel younger!
    Try wearing a cute onesie under your clothes. Makes me feel little just thinking about it.

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