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Thread: Where on the spectrum are you?

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    Default Where on the spectrum are you?

    Hey everyone. I have thoughts that I want to get out, and I hope that it all makes sense. I guess I am really just sissy-curious. Like I've always been interested in it, even since being a little kid. Do you remember Chip and Dale rescue rangers? There was one episode where they had to dress like women to sneak into the bad guy's base or something like that, for some reason I really liked that episode as a kid.

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    Growing up I guess you could say that it was always something in the back of my mind. One time my then girlfriend now wife dressed me up and that was fun, but that was my only real experience.

    Recently I have been thinking more about it. Its kind of like on one hand I like the idea of being humiliated in an SM kind of way, which is why diapers are a good match, but on the other hand I feel like I want to be cute sometimes.

    Sometimes is the keyword I guess, because I don't feel like this is the way that I want to live everyday. I just want to play make believe for a few hours, then go back to being a man.

    OK did that make sense? So my question for everyone is where is everyone on sissy-ness? Do you just like to play now and again? Do you live sort of a split identity? Do you want to live that way all of the time?

    Gender being a spectrum rather then binary is something that I have been thinking a lot about lately and I find it interesting.

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    Well first its worth considering that "sissy" isnt a gender, and at the same time the word "sissy-ness" in relation to the gender spectrum would be a bit one sided, because to a lot of littles ~ being in the female or feminine role is not always an act of "sissyness", because the word Sissy implies a certain situation ~ Hence the reason for having Sissys and having Little Girls or "LGs"

    Example: I am not a sissy ~ I am a transwoman; when i'm in little mode, I am a little girl not a little boy but the reason for this is because my little girl side is simply a manifestation of my adult female persona because I identify as female whether im in adult form or little form.

    However; there are many males who were born male, who still play the role of "little girl" when they are in little mode; they identify as male in adult form, and female in little form. However (most of the time) sissies are men who dress up like little girls but still identify as men, so its more a feeling of humiliation and forced feminization, or feminized male. So there is a huge difference between being sissy and being LG and being trans.

    So I guess in terms of the accidental confusion caused by those two sentences, the question bears asking:

    Is this question intended for Sissies only? Or are you aiming this question at the entirety of the female/feminine side of the gender and ABDL spectrum?

    If you are asking in terms of generality then I will give you my answer:

    As i said before, for me, being an LG is simply a child-like manifestation of my adult female persona; but being a little ~ I also fulfill both my adult and my little roles at all times, some times in full circle or sometimes only a little bit at a time ~ so in a way you could say its a split personality, but its not really split because they are both parts of me and i am fully aware of this; so I guess a better explanation would be that I live this way all the time because its not 2 separate minds but more two ways of perception.

    If it sounds complicated, its because it is lol

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    I think Adventurer's Article is a good thing to link here. In fact, it was this article that most strongly got me wondering about my own gender identity. I was mildly curious before it, but after reading it, I only got far more curious about where i stood. Add then increasing contact and friendship with a trans friend who uses the name, and I call, "Ema / Emalia" and someone on here...who just posted above..."CrinklyEmilyLG" I only got more curious. But yes, after much talking with other members, including the writer of that article, Sissies seem to have male little sides, who like to be treated as girls, typically for "enjoying" the humiliation. That seems to be what I am hearing anyway. Then again, if I am wrong, feel free to correct me. I read adventurers guide for the first time, and other than the trans part, matched everything there pretty much, in the LG areas.

    One thing I am not, though, is a sissy. The idea of being forced to wear dresses and such, and humiliated...not my cup of tea. But to each his/her own right? {Yeah...saying his/her in that saying just feels weird. } Unlike you, I don't want to be humiliated. But I do have a desire to be, and to be seen by others as, cute. I wish someone saw my little side that way. I want to watch MLP and set my stuffed animals up like a family with a daddy bear and a mommy bear. A brother bear and a brother rabbit, with a baby bear. Then we have the pet bat and tiger, and the old white granpa bear. (he's the second newest of my stuffed animals, but as my grandpa is very hairy and white...we jokingly tease him by calling him a yeti, I call him the grandpa.)

    My little side is unlike any of the 4 nephews I have seen in that age range. All of them started wrestling with their teddy bears and pillows, started gravitating towards action figures, etc. My little side seems nearly the opposite. It doesn't like power rangers or other boys cartoons. It's quite content to cuddle and watch more girly cartoons, and play with stuffed animals. As I said, it matches the LG description in that article nearly perfectly.

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    Thanks for that link. It explained a lot.

    I didn't really know that LG and sissy were different things, interesting. I've never actually done much of age play in general, I have been mostly into the DL side, but all of this stuff has peaked my interest lately. I wonder if there is a bit of LG in me instead of just sissy...

    My wife is really cool with most things and I told her I wanted to dress up again. Maybe when she comes back from her trip we'll try some stuff out.

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    Thanks for sharing Neo, I can relate to your situation on many levels. As Emily has suggested you may have some confusion in your thought process about labelling what you are feeling. And thank you to Emily for explaining it better than I could

    I will tell you a little about myself and I hope it can give you some fresh perspective on how to take this forward with your wife. I do not really like to label myself with anything really, but as this is seems part of your question I will indulge. I am a diaper lover, as you are, and sometimes deviate into other aspects of play. Now, to be honest, I am also very much into the world of BDSM. I go to fetish nights and play a lot with girlfriends in many non-diaper related situations. Some physical (spanking etc) and some verbal (humiliation). This brings me onto my point concerning your question. I sometimes like to dress as a dominatrix, PVC skirt, fishnet tights, corset and the like. I then pretend to be a powerful woman who humiliates and forces girls into diapers. I will not go into details, there are other sites for this. But I have also tried the shoe on the other foot and had girlfriends dress me as a woman to humiliate me. I do not say I am a sissy or cross dresser or anything of the sort and to think there is a scale I have to measure myself against is worrying for me to think about. I am a 'me', I go with the flow, I do as I want and assist others in fulfilling their fantasies.

    I think for all my rambling I just want to say, do what feels natural and what ever you and your wife are happy to do for each other...let us know how it goes, though, I like a good humiliation story! Be you not a label!

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    After posting this thread I thought more about it and I tried actual cross dressing. My wife knew about it but she wasn't present and diapers weren't involved. It was interesting because I enjoyed it but not in the humiliating way that I thought I would. It was pleasant because I felt cute and feminine. It's hard to explain but I think I have a new hobby.

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