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Thread: Going outside with pacifier

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    Default Going outside with pacifier

    just did it, i went on my bike and cycled around the majority of the journey with my pacifier. Some people saw but i couldn't see any facial reactions. I never actually went right near people with it my mouth. Mostly where there wasn't many people but i did go near once.

    Have you ever went outside with your pacifier?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnSmithemb View Post
    Sometimes it will take awhile for people to respond to a thread sometimes up to a day or more.

    I've had mine in for a few minutes when driving at night but that's about it for using it out side my house.

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    Outside why not, but prefere have people far away from me. I see as unnecessary to show me in public with paci inside the mouth.
    I've usually some paci with me, but in a pocket. I enjoy my paci in private.

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    I have gone outside recently and walked around places sucking on my paci( under the tip of my coat going slightly past my neck ) .I don't like to suck on it outside though when it's colder then usual for this time of year. I'm worried that it might crack in the cold cold weather it being latex . I have besides this have sucked on one when it's warm outside, but so far only the candy Pacifier type. I am doing it this way as a start to build up my confidence for sucking on a real one outside .

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    lol and i went straight in for it, it really is a pleasurable experience! Take your bike, shove a pacifier in your mouth and ride. Take it out and put it inyour pocket when you know people are near. If you really can't avoid people seeing go past with it in anyway. Just go quickly.

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    Perhaps I am a coward, but I would be too scared to try it, even if I had a bike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuriousOne View Post
    Perhaps I am a coward, but I would be too scared to try it, even if I had a bike.
    give it a try. It is scary at first but if you know you are in are where no one is looking just go for it. You become not bothered it is in your mouth after a while. When you see people though, that's scary but at that point just take it out and put it in your pocket. Simple!

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    I don't find it particularly scandalous or anything but neither do I find it appealing. It's more a private thing or with others who would enjoy it.

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    I sucked my dummy inconspicuously on the bus once, it was just me on the bus and it was covered by my scarf but I enjoyed the thrill of potentially being caught.

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