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    So i was just wondering how much more expensive ab ish diapers are, not that i can afford any diapers of any kind anyway. And an idea came. Could you not baby-fy diapers easily far cheaper? I imagine it would be easy to get many pokemon, barny, w. The pooh, etc stickers for a dollar or two from the gas station, pharmacy, store, any simply sticker basic diapers. To me it would look more babyish than many ab diapers. After all babys and toddlers love to sticker everything i think it would not only be a fun ab activity, stickering the diapers, but also make them look far more adorable, at far less cost.

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    Bambino (except Belssimos) and Abena run at about the same price per piece when it comes to cases.
    I've done the math some time ago and found at the time, that Bambinos were actually cheaper per piece. This was a year or two ago. If you were buying by 16, then yeah, it is more expensive.

    Bambino just tries to encourage case purchases rather than opening a case and using a different box to package the diapers. Cardboard isn't cheap. Neither is the labor involved.

    This usually occurs when buying per pack with any company. They rather sell you the case and give you a discount on diapers per piece and make more money per purchase.

    If you buy by packs anywhere you most likely will have to pay shipping as well. Bambino's pack of 16 already includes shipping at a discounted rate.

    Cases' shipping on the other hand are discounted even deeper.

    Bambino diapers are high quality diapers as well, they are softer, more comfortable, have a higher capacity, and printed tape panels as well to cater to ABs. The performance vs any other brand is pretty much one sided.

    The other cheaper diapers out there are cloth backed, flimsy, uncomfortable, and don't hold hardly anything. I've tried lots of diapers. Cuteness is not a factor in those diapers neither. The cloth backed diapers wouldn't let stickers stick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuriousOne View Post
    I imagine it would be easy to get many pokemon, barny, w. The pooh, etc stickers for a dollar or two from the gas station, pharmacy, store, any simply sticker basic diapers.
    People do this already. The most common thing is to design whatever print you want and print it out on a strip of adhesive (like on label paper or something).

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    I have done this and it works great for someone in your situation, but there is still the knowledge that it is not the real thing and the desire for a better legitimate abdl product still lingers. The best makeshift abdl diaper I can recommend is to buy character duct tape and simply apply a strip to the front of your plain whit diapers. I use spiderman and Mario, but you can get all kinds of kiddy themed duct tape that would work beautifully.

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    I use to do this when Depends were the only diaper i had at my disposal. Its fun and all, but the stickers fall off eventually and you have to put masking tape over them to make sure they stay in place, but the masking tape can be a hassle as well. The best thing to do is buy custom diaper tape on eBay or buy some cute themed duct tape. I currently own 2 custom made diaper tapes from a site that no longer exists for some reason, and i have 2 hello kitty duct tapes I use from time to time (though honestly, i rarely have plain white diapers anymore and only use the duct tape to keep weak tabs in place if they get loose or don't stick very well after a while of wearing)

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    I do this! Though usually I print a design out out and stick it on with mailing tape once I have the diaper on.

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