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Thread: Well, I've been caught.

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    Exclamation Well, I've been caught.

    Yeah, stuff is going down in my house. Or will before the day is out. After arriving home from school I noticed what looked like diapers in the trash. I hurried on into my room and confirmed the fact. God damn. When Dad asks me about this, which he will, I'm gonna say what I feel. They put things into a manageable perspective for me. They make the struggles of an 18 year old more mute.
    Well, wish me luck.

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    Sorry to hear this... I hope they will allow you to talk to them as adults, and they will kind of understand, or at least tolerate it, if you do it out of sight. You are doing no harm to anyone with it. Innocent activity.

    All the best

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    Good luck, may i ask how did he find them i mean either your hiding place was not so good or your dad was snooping ?

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    Sorry you have been caught, My parents never brought it up, but i am pretty sure they knew. Looking back i am glad they didn't bring it up as i not sure how i would have dealt with it.

    All i can suggest is don't let it stress you out, remain as claim as you can, try have a adult converstation about it. It might be worth doing some research and planning how you want to talk to them about it.

    Good luck!

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    Is your dad a man's man in that he doesn't want any babies around the house or is he an understanding father? You can try to reason that you paid for them with your own money and like soakingboy said, you're not hurting anyone? Will your mother come to your defense?

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    The hiding spot could have been much better, but to be fair, my room's virtually a flat. He really doesn't come in here much. I suspect that he'll pretend to understand for my sake, but I really don't know :/

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    Good luck dude. I'm sure there's no easy way around this. I just hope you have a loving dad who will at least try to show some understanding. It worries me a bit that he threw your stuff in the trash.... Sounds a bit extreme. Let us know how you get on.

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    Mate, my dad is a grouchy 61 year old with what I suspect to be early stages of Alzheimers (Not bad in this case), He's not gonna take well to this.

    Edit: He just came in and accused me of being to lazy to use the bathroom.

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    It seems kind of weird that he threw them in the trash, for all he knows you developed some kind of bladder issue and were taking care of it on your own (being 18 and all of that) and too embarrassed to talk to him about it.

    Depending on what kind of diapers they were (e.g. not something that screams "fetish") and if there was any past history about it, he might have thought they were there for some reason other than you wearing them.

    Just something to keep in mind when he shows up to talk.

    edit: just remembered your other thread, presumably he went poking around because he was curious about the incident with the packaging. Yeah, he probably knows what's up.

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