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Thread: Spa (Diaper, for me) Day!

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    Default Spa (Diaper, for me) Day!

    So anyway, I give the wife Spa Day. That's when I pamper (lol) her and give her a full-body massage, cook fancy food, the whole nine yards. Well...she's doing that for me today! I was so stoked last night. Couldn't sleep. I don't know what she's all going to do, but I know that she's giving me a pedicure, and tonight is going to diaper me in cloth diapers. I have it all set out (took me about an hour) and ready to go. I'll be wearing Adjustable Reusable/Washable BAMBOO ADULT Cloth Diaper/Nappy+2 Insert S/M/L Baby: Baby

    With this as a stuffer

    Over that will be this:

    And then one of these on top: Baby Pants Adult Onezie - Small Pink: Health & Personal Care

    I'm so excited. Right now, I'm wearing a SDK with a Tranquility stuffer. Going to nap on the couch while the wife cooks supper -- it's 116 here -- and anticipate the evening. My wife is so cool. She hates certain aspects of this fetish, but she's doing this anyway. God, I lover her.

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    That sounds great. Could you tell me about the Cloth Bamboo diaper. I have seen it a few times and did not know if it was worth it. I hope you enjoy your time with the wife.

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    Thanks Iamjust2. It was awesome. She made me a veggie tray, then applied the diaper and...well...a good time was had by all! The Bamboo diaper is OK. Even with the inserts, it leaks at times without additional stuffers. I haven't figured out the snaps yet, so that may be the issue. The inserts, I must say, are totally worth the cost. I use them all the time as boosters for disposables, and they bulk up and feel sooooooo soft. They are amazing. I'd go for it, for sure.

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    Thanks for the response. I will give them a try.

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