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Thread: Diapers for a PhD (In Training)

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    Default Diapers for a PhD (In Training)

    Ok, so I am in high school and getting ready for a major league university such as Harvard. Also, a provincial swimmer. I was wondering about a discreet, yet comfortable and a nice looking one (not all white), not to mention cheap diaper. I was thinking about those bambino bianco diapers, tena maxis, or abena ones but not sure. Also what would last the whole day with studying and my daily routine. This would include staying convenient when rushing to class and such. I would also need to stick to a budget of about $100 - $150 a month with about 1-2 diapers a day and 1 a night... THX Lushy9160

    PS: I would also need tips on dating, messing and clean-up, staying discreet, occasional toilet use and such. ALSO, I need tips on how to keep this from my parents and wether I should stay diapered 24/7. Do u guys mess in your diapers 100% of the time? Also, plz tell me what would be the best out of these: bambino bianco diapers, tena maxis, or abena.
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    I can't help with what diaper to use though I can say if you want to go 24/7 you'll need to increase the cost of diapers to $150 or more to have plenty later on if anything happens. Aim for a 3 month supply minimum with a 6 month preferable. As for dating, make sure you can tell him or her how you feel in a very confident manner when the time comes. If you're 24/7 it's best to tell him or her sooner than later and not act scared.

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    i agree with Krone6 $50 a month well not cute it for using 3 diapers a day especially ones such as bambino, witch are close to $2 per diaper and that is a simple calculation with a $50 budget you well only get 25 diapers and 25 diapers used 3 times a day well get you just a bit more then a week. if you want your usage for your budget you would need the chepist of the cheap. aka assure briefs also know as breeyo briefs now but they hold so little you would have better luck wearing only plastic pants if you don't want to leak every time.

    when it comes to messing i would still try to use the potty if you are being discreet simply because poop stinks and it stinks bad fast. and along with that with your fast life clean up would take much longer then just going to use the potty for pooping.

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    Bambinos are not going to be easy to make discreet (they're thick and bulky) and you're not going to be able to use just 3 diapers a day and still be discreet. Especially if you're standing in the front of lecture halls teaching classes (which, as a doctoral student, you will be doing a lot of.)

    $50 per month is not going to be nearly enough if you plan to go 24/7. So... don't go 24/7.

    Also, um...

    Quote Originally Posted by Lushy9160
    ALSO, I need tips on how to keep this from my parents...
    I'm assuming you're not going to be living with your parents while in graduate school. Just don't tell them.

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    With that budget, you can't go 24/7 without having a ton accidents. If you attempt to, I would make a one time purchase of a few pairs of plastic pants to help against leaks.

    Regarding everything else that 24/7 people do.....I'd suggest you think this one through....especially since you are doing your PhD and have a relationship.

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    Maybe Tranquility ATN would serve you well. The cost is around 96 cents per diaper. This would still put you over your monthly budget but I think it delivers alot of quality for the money. I wear all the time and I would be willing to trust the ATN as an all the time diaper.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Forgot to mention how many I would use in a day. I would make it through a 8 hour day a work as long as I was not crazily drinking. Then I would use one or two for after work and then the bedtime diaper. So 3-4 of them a day would be between 90 and 120dollars a month. You could make up the difference by buying an AIO diaper for babykins or something that you could wear to bed. I know the AIO is kind of expensive but mine have lasted over a year now and saved me lots of money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by polarbaby View Post
    Bambinos are not going to be easy to make discreet (they're thick and bulky) and you're not going to be able to use just 3 diapers a day and still be discreet.
    I can probably wear others then Bambinos to bed

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    Right, but the problem is the same. Diapers that are really thick and designed for long-term wear (8-12 hours) are less discreet than thinner diapers designed for shorter-term wear.

    Either way, you're going to need to budget a lot more than $50 per month if you really want to go 24/7 with any modicum of comfort and protection.

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    24/7 seem out of the question for you, let alone on that budget. I am an ab/lg, and i have no diapers at all, i make due. I say stick to using them to relieve stress and stuff, it just does not look like you can even hope for 24/7 on that budget, sorry.

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    I have realized that my budget was irrational and have changed it now

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