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Thread: What are the differences in the different types of Bambinos?

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    Default What are the differences in the different types of Bambinos?

    I'm planning to order some Bambinos, but have some questions for the experts! Like besides the different prints, what are the differences in Belissimos, Classicos, Biancos, and Teddys? Why are Belissimos so much more expensive and are they worth it? I ordered the sample medium Teddys a few months back and they seem to fit well. Any help from those who have tried most or all of them would be appreciated! Thanks!

    P.S. If anyone can compare them to ABU Dry Kids that would help because I've tried those too.

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    Mostly there absorbancy rating.
    Teddies are 10% more absorbent than Classicos or Biancos
    Bellissimos are very absorbent over there other products

    Edit add: ABU are less absorbent tho more print all over.
    Also a lot love the 2 tapes instead of the 4

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